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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wolverines and Buckeyes Unite!

Rivals.com is asking fans to vote on the ultimate college football rivalry.

The choices are:
Alabama vs. Auburn
Notre Dame vs. USC
Texas vs. Oklahoma
Florida State vs. Miami

And, the reason for this post...

Meeeechigan vs. Ohio State.

So click on the link above and cast your vote for the Bucks and Blue.


Jeremy said...

This isn't up for debate, and I wish people would stop asking. The Michigan-OSU rivalry has a Congressional resolution declaring it the greatest rivalry in all of sport.

beast in 'bama said...

This really should be a vote for #2 rivalry. I'd be interested to know what you UM-OSU fans think that would be.

In terms of vitriol, 'Bama/Auburn is right up there with UM-OSU - you see that all the time here on this blog. But the game itself doesn't matter as much on the national scene as it once did and can't compare with UM-OSU. If that gets rectified, then we've got a discussion for #1 again.

Personally, my hatred meter goes off the charts whenever the Texas state fair rolls around, and the game is almost always important in terms of the national championship hunt. It's close to UM-OSU, but not quite as heated.

Sundawg said...

Georgia vs. Florida, the World's Largest Cocktail Party, without a doubt. Granted it has been a one-sided rivalry for years now with the Gators reigning supreme (nationally too, I hear), but that's my vote. They don't burn couches in Jax after the game, but occasionally they kill people.

Killing My Liver said...

Wow, 'Bama-Auburn is leading. I didn't know they had the intarwebs in Al. No, truthfully, I lived in Auburn for a year(pyscho-ex), and, actually went to the first UA-Aubun game at Jordan-Hare. I saw a 50 year old man fighting a 16 year old boy in the parking lot. Does hate make it the greatest? I don't think so. I think tradition makes it the greatest, not network hype and hatred. So, my list:
Army-Navy(how did they leave that out?)
FSU and Miami have only been interesting for about the last 20 years, no history there .. don't even need to be included in the list.

Out of Conference said...

I would have thought ND - Miami was a bigger rivalry than ND - SoCal.

intellidouche said...

Those ignorant pukes forgot to put USC/LSU on there! I'm so pissed I'm gonna crap in a hormel chili can!

Purple said...

The Iron Bowl is the best there is.

SteveMuzZ said...

Michigan - OSU is clearly #1, but Auburn/Alabama is a distant 3rd behind Texas/OU... I can't believe that is even up for debate... hell Texas/Texas aggy is a better rivalry than Auburn/Alabama

MGoBlue93 said...

Congress bitches congress

Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joe said...

You know how easy it is to get a resolution from Congress? Geeeez.

Bama vs. Auburn...that is the top rivalry. Bar none.

Blue (and White) Fan said...

I am a Big Ten fan. I have also been to the states of Michigan, Ohio and Alabama. Hands down the Iron Bowl is the best rivalry in all of sports, college or pro. The tradition is awesome and it literally consumes the entire state year round. In the summer months peole will drive around with the final score of the game on their cars. It's just awesome.

I would say UM-OSU is the #2 rivalry in all of sports. But it is a distant second. Sorry.