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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* "Old 98" makes SI's list of the Best Athletes by Number.

(HT: TH)

Ed. Note: TH said in his email that two Wolverines made the cut but I couldn't find the other. Anybody know who it is?

* Ok, I know I'm acting like a 12 year old for even giggling at this, but when someone sends me a link to the Ohio Cornhole Company well, the 7th grader comes out in me.

(HT: GK)

* The Best Damn Room in the Land?

(HT: SpankyToes)

* Michael Rosenberg offers tip to Sparty: Stop trying to be Michigan.

* Finally, several weeks ago we asked readers to vote for stand-up comic and U-M grad Tom Franck in a comedy competition on Famecast.com. Well, MZone readers must have come through because we got an email from Tom saying thanks and letting us know he made the Top 10.

This week is the voting to make the Top 5 and be flown to Texas for the live webcast finals (where the winner will get $10,000). Apparently, just a handful of votes separate places 3-6 so register/log in here and be sure to vote for Tom here (as well as see his new clip).


Reed said...

They have Benny Friedman as an Honorable Mention for jersey #1. (I believe that was his number for the Giants. At Michigan he wore 27).

stang said...

That would be Tom Brady.

mzgoblue said...

Don't forget 1971 All-American offensive lineman Reggie McKenzie. He made the list for wearing #67 with the Buffalo Bills. (I can't remember if that was also his Michigan number).

beast in 'bama said...

The Best Damn Room in the Land, brought to you by the fine folks at Buffalo Wild Wings, Wendy's, and Kroger, comes complete with a stripper pole!

CrazyPi said...

i just clicked on the cornhole link and noticed that the word accessories was misspelled as asscessories. made me chuckle.

OlivetBiv said...

Didn't Jerry Kramer go to Michigan also???

OlivetBiv said...

Never mind, I think that was Ron Kramer.