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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Texas Salutes One of Their Own

Just as the Michigan Marching Band played "The Victors" when former President Gerald Ford was laid to rest in Grand Rapids, the University of Texas Marching Band played "The Eyes of Texas" at the funeral of Lady Bird Johnson...

(Thanks to the reader who told us about this in the comment section the other day)


Out of Conference said...

What a glorious lady. I feel bad because I just assumed she had already passed away a long time ago. She had a fantastic life and set a wonderful example for people.

This is one of those times where you almost wish you were an alumni of another school- how neat would it be to have tears well up everytime you heard, "Eyes of Texas".

steve g said...

It was pretty cool to see the priests hold their hands up in the longhorn thing, I'm not gonna lie.

SteveMuzZ said...

a few things about lady bird - up until recently her office was located in a museum on UT's campus. Apparently her office had a sweet view of the state capitol building, and any expansion of the football stadium would disrupt this view. This is supposedly why we only just now began expansion (might not be true).

also she was real big into conservation and wildflowers. In the spring and summer you can drive any highway in Texas (even way the fuck out in BFE) and you'll be surrounded by bluebonnets, indian paintbrushes, and a handful of other wildflowers. Really makes for a lot of scenic drives.

scott said...

She was a good, good woman. Glad she got her due from the Longhorn faithful. And it was good to see the power brokers in attendance--Sr. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Vernon Jordan and others.

Dan the Chip said...

I did't know that Mrs. Johnson was "working on the railroad, all the live-long day"...........

SteveMuzZ said...

stay classy, dan.

will said...

the way I remember the story was that there was some law about certain places needing a line of sight to the capitol. When Lady Bird was asked about the law, she replied along the lines that she really didn't care and that they can go ahead and build the building. The original story is funnier, but I just don't remember it.