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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sporting Tradition #632 I'd Like to See End: Tennis Apologies

I was watching a little of the Wimbledon coverage last weekend and I have to ask: what's the deal with tennis players holding up a hand to say, "Sorry" when one of their shots hits the net and drops over for a lucky winner?

This is one of the dumbest things in all of sports.

You're playing for the most coveted title in your profession, you win a hard fought point after the ball takes a funny bounce...and the first thing the player does is apologize?

Give me a fucking break. Luck is part this - and any - game.

Can you imagine a Michigan-Ohio State game where the QB throws a pass that gets tipped into his receiver's arms for a touchdown only to put his hands up toward the opposing defense and say, "My bad."


Look, I actually enjoy watching tennis. But if the players and game's powers-that-be want to help tennis shed some of the puss image the rest of America has of it, they need to remember that when players step on the court, they're pro athletes in the heat of competition. No, that doesn't mean you have to be a dick. But you don't have to apologize like you bumped carts with someone at the grocery store, either.

Sack up, folks.


beast in 'bama said...

They still play tennis?

Out of Conference said...

So Yost, would you agree that pulling out a Sharpie and signing an autograph or two after a good play is fair then? Or how about a charging the net and shouting, "In your face, bitches!"
Is the gesture in question so much as an apology for the fluke shot, or a nod to the opponent acknowledging that it wasn't an error their part that they weren't able top charge the net fast enough to return the blooper.
While my opinion of tennis is comparable to BiB's, it is nice that there are some sports where the attitude of Venus and Serena's Dad isn't the norm.

1955gator said...

If she plays the match in that outfit, I will watch the 24/7 all tennis network until I go blind.

Out of Conference said...

Place the question mark in the appropriate place above. Apparently I must have trouble punctuating my run-on sentences.

Oh, and I have no objections to the picture.

Yost said...


As mentioned in the post, I don't say replace the "apology" with being a dick. I simply said when you win a point in the heat of battle, there is no need for an "I'm sorry," no matter how the point was won, if won fairly.

BARman said...

...I'd like to bump her cart...

TitleIX said...

you gotta give props where props are due...
that woman has smokin' hot legs.
no fair.....

katherine said...

Title9 I was thinking the exact same thing! I'm not a Kournikova fan by any means, but I will not player hate those legs. She's rockin' those stilettos like it's nobody's business. haha

MGoBlue93 said...

T9, K... so you ladies like that picture???? ;)

TitleIX said...

yep, just like you like/respect/give a nod to our McDreamy...Tom Brady

Mike said...

If it means more pictures like that, then by God we need more tennis coverage in here!