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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Michigan Blitz

Lot of Michigan stuff to catch you fine folks up on, not a lot of time. So let's begin, shall we?

* As many of you wrote to tell us, Sam McGuffie, the best all-purpose back in the land, picked Michigan over Texas A&M. Click here for highlight reels galore courtesy of Brian at MGoBlog.

* UPDATE: Yahoo! Sports has a nice article on what the McGuffie signing means for Michigan.

* Garvie Craw, who started at FB for U-M in the late 60s and who, according to our tipster, scored the first TD against Tosu in Bo's big 24-12 win in '69, passed away last Friday.

(HT: MS)

* ESPN lists the top college football programs of the last 10 years. Not only does Michigan come in at #6, but check out the stats. Very impressive when compared to the others on there. I think, due to our disappointments vs. Tosu and in the Rose Bowl of late, we forget just how good we have it.

(HT: SiC)

* Worthy cause: An online auction of 191 items, many of them Michigan-themed sports memorabilia, is being held to fund the Bernard Maloy Scholarship at U-M. The Scholarship is in honor of a professor at Michigan who passed away in 2001 of esophageal cancer. Once funded, it will be awarded to Michigan undergrads who either have cancer themselves or who have direct family members who have or are battling cancer. Click here to find out more and view the items up for bid.

* Finally, U-M grad and stand-up comic Tom Franck just returned from Texas where he was one of the five Famecast.com finalists in the comedy competition. MZone readers were part of the reason he made it that far, helping vote him through. Well, to help him take the last step and nab the crown, click here to vote for him (yes, if you're not registered, you have to. A pain but not a bad one).


Mathew said...

I honestly don't see how we aren't ahead of Texas and Florida on that list, particularly Florida. Tied for bowl record (and beat them head-to-head the only time we played during the period) and national titles, plus a better win/loss record and more conference titles. How is that not more successful? Texas has a one game edge in overall and bowl games, but we have three more conference titles.

ohio_guy said...

Maybe espn figured that a 1-2 year old undisputed national title was worth more than a 10 year old disputed one

MGoBlue93 said...

Regarding the auction sites... check out mgoblue.com regularly (particularly at the end of seasons). There's often silent auctions which benefit the other sports programs. The hockey team auctioned 100 game worn jerseys this year... for example.