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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Michigan All-Jersey Team: #7

Continuing on with our off-season countdown of the best Michigan football players for each jersey number, today we look at...


This is a primarily a QB number and, as such, so are most of the the best Michigan players who wore it during their maize and blue careers. So without further adieu, let's meet the greatest Wolverines to ever wear #7.

First up is QB Rick Leach who started four straight years for Bo Schembechler from 1975-78, going 38-8-2 in his career. After losing to top ranked Ohio State 21-14 his freshman year, Leach beat the Bucks in each of final three seasons. During his sophomore season, the Wolverines were ranked first in the nation for eight consecutive weeks before a heartbreaking 16-14 loss to Purdue on the road. The Flint, Michigan native was an All-American and came in third in the voting for the Heisman Trophy during his senior year in 1978.

In his career, the option QB still managed to pass for 48 TDs while running for 34 on his own.

Ed. Note: Leach was the last Michigan QB to ever play in front of less than 100,000 fans in the Big House. Against Indiana on October 25, 1975, "only" 93,857 folks showed up for Michigan's homecoming game that year.

Next up is fullback Chris Floyd ('94-'97) who played on Michigan's National Championship team his senior year. Since the FB position is primarily a blocking position at U-M, Floyd didn't put up flashy numbers. But the four-year letterman still managed to average 4.2 yards a carry and 8.9 yards a catch when called upon.

Our third #7 selection is QB Drew Henson. Coming out of high school in Brighton, Michigan, the two-sport star (baseball being the other) was probably the most highly touted QB - if not player - to ever sign with the Wolverines. But things never quite went according to plan with Henson.

During his first two seasons, the projected golden boy ended up splitting time with some back-up by the name of Tom Brady. At first, Henson would come in and play the second quarter of each game...until midway through the '99 season when Brady took over the starting job - and all four quarters for good.

Thus, 2000 was supposed to be the year for Henson. But his Shakespearean odyssey at Michigan took another freak turn when he was injured right before the start of the season. The starting job then fell to a youngster by the name of John Navarre, who led the Wolverines to victories in its first two games before they lost at UCLA. Then, in the fourth game, with Michigan getting spanked on the road against #19 Illinois (yes, there was once a time when they were ranked), Henson came back right before halftime to lead the Wolverines back to a 35-31 victory.

Under Henson, Michigan's offense was explosive as they scored over 30 points in 6 of the 8 games he started, including a 38-26 victory over #12 Ohio State in Columbus. But that would prove to be Henson's final regular season game in a Michigan uniform as he fucked the Wolverines over signed with the New York Yankees right in the middle of spring ball before his senior season.

Even with his truncated career, Henson still threw for 24 TDs and rushed for 4.

Our final #7 for your consideration is current QB Chad Henne. A three-year starter, the Pennsylvania native has led the Wolverines to two Rose Bowls and the cusp of the BCS title game last season. So far in his career, he has completed just over 60% of his passes and thrown for nearly 8,000 yards and 70 TDs. And with a season still to go, Henne should own most of Michigan's career passing records by the time he's finished.

So, now it's time for you to vote...

Who is the best U-M player to wear #7
Rick Leach
Chris Floyd
Drew Henson
Chad Henne
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Brad Coe said...

It looks like most of you agree with me when i say Rick Leach. This is why I picked him. Im not here to dog on Henne, because I give Henne alot of respect. Yes, he has broke alot of records and he has led us to some Rose Bowls. But the reason I picked rick is because of Henne's reactions under pressure. Have you guys noticed it too when ever the OL gets broken through? He panicks. Everything just seems to go into slow mode like an instant replay when the other team breaks through. Its like he confused on what to do. Like I said, im not trying to dog on Henne. I know you only have split seconds to make decision sometimes and I know I wouldn't do any better than he would on the field in those situations. Actually in any of the situation, Henne would blow me away at anything I challenge him too when it comes to football. Im just telling my story on what I see on television and why I picked Rick. If you would like to have a conversation with me on this just email me at bradcoe@yahoo.com. Put in the subject Michigan buddy so I don't think your spam and delete your message.

Reed said...

Drew Henson is my least favorite Wolverine of all time. We mortgaged a season for him - just to keep him happy, even though Brady was a better quarterback. Then he bolts, what, during spring practice? Screw that guy.

I used to love watching Chris Floyd line up in '97. He would look to see who was blitzing and point at them before the snap. Then he'd knock the piss out of them.

Mike Didonna said...

The best thing about Rick leach was that, even though he was a lefty, he would drop back like he was right-handed and then would pivot so he could throw.

Bill B said...

I think most of us who voted for Leach would like Henne to make this poll require a revote in sometime in early to mid January.

Michigan Girl said...

I went to Michigan with Rick Leach and knew a lot of the guys that he played with. He was such an egomaniac dick head that I wouldn't vote for him on a bet. He didn't seem to have a lot of friends; mostly just sleazy groupies that he pretended he didn't know when his girlfriend came in from Flint. How about a vote on the biggest jerk to wear No. 7 - it could be a tight race between him and Drew Henson.

harry hasselhoff said...

Fuck Henson. How could you even list him with those guys?

He screwed up Michigan football for several seasons - no quality QBs wanted to come to Michigan to play behind him - and we were stuck with Lurch a/k/a John Navarre, who was recruited as a QB by only Michigan and lowly Northwestern.

Plus, sharing the QB spot with Brady (which was allegedly promised to him to get him to come to Michigan) cost Michigan what should have been a National Title in '99 - everytime he went into the game instead of Brady, the team started losing (see MSU game, 1999).

MGoBlue93 said...

Sorry Michigan gal... but I vote for Leach. Leach started as a true freshman for a 3 yards and a cloud of dust coach and back in the day when Meeechigan was a QB's graveyard.

BTW, just to be devil's advocate, of course Leach was a dick when he was 20. 1. He's a guy. 2. He's the biggest swinging dick on campus... he's the starting QB for the Wolverines. I bet girls were throwing themselves at him like girls threw panties on the stage at hair band concerts in the 80s. 3. He's a guy.

BTW., part 2. Leach showed up for the pep rally at Santa Monica pier prior to this year's Rose Bowl. He may be a dick to some but he's still a Michigan Man through and through.