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Monday, July 16, 2007

Looking for MZone Guest Columnists

Tough week for me on the work front. Gonna try to get up as much as possible but might be light here and there - like today.

But had an idea...

Since some of the reader comments we get here on the site are so good, I've been thinking about looking for a guest columnist or two. Hopefully it would be a win-win in that it would help me out on days like today when blogging must take a back seat to life while also allowing one or two of you to have a creative outlet without the time commitment of running a full-time blog and building up a readership.

Thus, if you're interested, email me a sample column. If I get more than a couple, maybe we'll put them up over a few days and let our readers pick their favorite to become a regular contributor. Couple of suggestions: keep it brief (it's a sports blog with a comedic bent. We're not breaking the Watergate story here) and use a picture if you can to add humor or context to the piece. It helps.

Also, it doesn't have to be "pro Michigan." If you're a Buck fan and have something clever or interesting to say, give it a whirl.

Finally, if you do submit and we don't use it, please don't be offended. After doing this for almost two years now, we just sort of have a feel for what's right for the site and what's not.


Badger Tracker said...

"Win-win" is good, but I think what you ought to be going for here is "win-win-win."

zen wizard said...

(Typical Wolverine--paying someone to do his homework for him!)

srudoff said...

nice Office reference!

TitleIX said...

is this like Dear Penthouse????

Out of Conference said...

T9 - one could only hope!

Brad Coe said...

I think SiC should be your help. With him being behind enemy lines, I think he could dig up some good work. For example he could of been the one that got the video of the Gator statue standing on the corner of High Street and another street in the middle of OSU campus. He could get pic and put good comments on some of the stupid stuff OSU students to during their party stages. Ive been there myself during party stages and they do some dumb stuff. Go Blue. I root for SiC