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Monday, July 02, 2007

ESPN's Top 100

Ivan Maisel lists the 100 moments that have defined college football. Couple of Michigan moments in there, some good, some not so good.

(HT: DJ)


Brandon said...

I would've thought that the end of the Michigan-Nebraska game would have snuck in the back part of the list, I would say that it's a lot better than Katie Knida's failure.

MonkeyWrench32 said...

How in the hell was Cal/Stanford #2?!?! Travesty!

Jim said...

I thought Desmond's layout catch to beat Notre Dame in '92 would have made it somewhere. Maybe I'm biased, since I saw it live. Seemed pretty huge to me.

My freshman year I watched Rocket return two kicks for scores during a miserable rainy loss to ND that just happened to be my first game at the Big House (as a student). During that same game I remember the student section chanting for Elvis (more for his name than any perceived ability). Finally, four years later, we get Elvis to Des in the back of the endzone to seal the deal. I actually never saw the completion. From where I was sitting, all I could see was Elvis (over?)thow it to the back corner and Desmond dive and disappear from view. I was about to start cursing Grbac when the crowd erupted.

I guess I realize that it's hard to put yourself into (most) of those other teams' "moments". I'm sure every one has some dramatic backstory like mine, but still, I can't believe this wasn't top 100.

J said...

Someone HAS to be working on a top 100 list of ESPN's top 100 lists.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Ahhh yes, more examples of Michigan providing an able foil for someone else’s great moment. When I first saw this, I expected the worst—having watched the 1978, Michigan-Washington Rose Bowl on ESPN Classic about a month ago—so I’m kind of pleased that there are moments on this list when Michigan actually prevails.

Still, I think there are a few more positive Michigan moments that deserved to be here (Anthony Carter’s touchdown reception in the final seconds against Indiana and Charles Woodson’s punt return touchdown against Ohio State come to mind).

Here’s the breakdown:

(BAD) 82. White Noise: USC's Charles White scores without the ball in Rose Bowl. (Jan. 1, 1979) Ugh! I so hate this play. This had me expecting a dogpile of other teams’ great moments against Michigan.

(BAD) 78. Down And Out: Chicago win over Michigan sparks rule change. (Nov. 30, 1905) Fortunately, this happened so long ago I can’t really care. Chicago must have played some hellacious defense considering the point totals for that season were Michigan: 495- Opponents: 2.

(GOOD) 58. Over And Out: DB Thom Darden's INT leads to Ohio State outcry. (Nov. 20, 1971) Groovy. Anything that sends Woody Hayes into a tizzy is a excellent. Of course, considering Hayes’s temperament, that could be just about anything.

(GOOD) 54. Bo Knows: Bo leads Michigan in win over Woody Hayes, Ohio State. (Nov. 22, 1969) Mmmmmmm, this one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

(GOOD) 32. Strike A Pose: Michigan's Desmond Howard displays an end-zone move. (Nov. 23, 1991) Also very cool, although I kind of prefer the 4th down, touchdown reception against Notre Dame

(BAD) 28. Blue Collar: Big Ten sends Ohio State to Rose after bad Michigan break. (Nov. 24, 1973) Almost good in that now at least half of the Big Ten gets to go to a bowl game now. Can anyone even imagine a college football world where a 10-0-1 team, ranked 6th in the final AP poll doesn’t go to a bowl game?

(BAD) 25. Galloping Ghost: Illinois' Red Grange runs wild against Michigan. (Oct. 18, 1924) Dude is one of the all time greats, might as well establish that legacy against Michigan.

(VERY, VERY BAD) 3. Silent Treatment: Kordell Stewart's bomb silences Michigan Stadium. (Sept. 24, 1994) Pardon my phrasing, but I fucking hate this fucking play. And the lemon juice in the paper cut is that it’s ranked Number 3 and we all get to see it over and over and over again. At least I’m not the Stanford trombone player.

god of the whoppers said...

I know it isn't ralated, but we should start some section on first big house experiences
my first was in 94 (i think) against purdue. if memory serves me correctly, it rained, snowed, sleeted, with 90 mph wind and 20 degree weather (Fahrenheit, not Celcius). it was either the worst weather (for joe six pack), or the best football weather in the history of the game. I think the final score was 5-3, michigan winning of course. some of these facts could be wrong of course, but this is what i remember (i was 9 at the time). anyone else?

SteveMuzZ said...

i know this is a michigan board, but as a Longhorn fan, its a travesty that Ricky Williams' record breaking run against the aggies (a TD run mind you) is not in the top 100..

perhaps Ron Dayne and his 8,000 carries per game hurt this moment a year later.. or maybe espn doesn't like people who smoke weed :)

MGoBlue93 said...

holy cow... out of all those moments, Kordell rates #3??? I can kinda understand Flutie's bomb being #1 as that was an upset. But CU was pretty darn good back then. Back before the scandals ignored by their evangelical coach. Perhaps somewhere in the top 100. But the Top 10?

What about the 4th quarter comeback against Minnesota a couple of years ago? What is the record for overcoming a 4th quarter deficit and winning the game?

I second Wangler to Carter and Grbac to Howard.

OnWisconsin! said...

Why on earth would Ricky William's record breaking run be in the top 100 if Ron Dayne's isn't?