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Friday, July 20, 2007

Does U-M Ticket Site Need Sensitivity Training?

MZone reader Alan was looking to pick up some Michigan tickets so he logged on to the official athletic department site, mgoblue.com. But before it would actually search, it brought up the very un-PC "word verification" page shown below...

When reached for comment, the site apologized and said it would immediately enter an alcohol treatment center.

(Click here for a larger view of the picture)


Peter said...

On a different site I had "bonar" come up as my word, I thought that was funny.

Da Braylon said...

You know what? I tried forever to get tickets to the MN game, and after a long time, it just would not load anymore. I accessed the site right at 8:30 in the morning and tried to get 4 tickets. It kept saying, "Unable to secure tickets in that area." I clicked on best available and it still kept saying that. I was so pissed. There is no way that damn game could have sold out in one or two minutes. Then I tried to call the ticket office and I was never placed on hold. It went through the voice mail message and then said, "Please hold for the next representative." Then it just went to a busy signal. Absolute bull shit. This will be the first time in five years I don't go to a game. So pissed.

MGoBlue93 said...

Braylon... I've had the same experience with the ticket office. Most recently while trying to get hockey regional tix against NoDak. When I finally got a hold of a human, it was explained to me when the lines get busy, the vox mail goes tits up and the caller gets a busy signal. Apparently the tix office has known about this problem for a while now... but I don't think they're doing anything about their shitty phone switch.

srudoff said...

at least they correctly identified you two as "homos"


MGoBlue93 said...

you're all class srudoff... BTW, what's the motivation for being trolling in here? you don't have anything better to do than stir the pot here? Seriously?

Out of Conference said...

Maybe the word verification was actually looking for you to type "Buckfans" when it presented "Homos" as the test word. Only typing Buckfans would get you access to buy tickets.

TitleIX said...

oh leave srudoff be....
he's like an annoying big brother.

I mean, seriously?
His comment is as close to "takes one to know one" as you can get

srudoff is a useful foil in that he can write in full sentences with appropriate conjugation and even multi-syllable words. Better than the rest of the tOSU trolls around here....

oh, and he was here first. :-)

Patrick said...

da braylon,

shouldn't be too hard to get tickets to the minnesota game at face value or below, just try ebay or gobluewolverine.com ticket exchange.

srudoff said...

thanks titleix - i think

blue93 - that was just some light trash talking - i'm sure you didn't take it serious - besides what's The Rivalry without someone to stir the pot?

MGoBlue93 said...

srudoff and t9... I've just seriously never understood the motivation of people who have nothing to provide on a blog or USENET forum other than to stir things up. It has literally never occurred to me even once to go to a tOSU forum to simply talk shit. How productive is that? I'd really like to understand why folks (like srudoff and ohio_guy for example) come go into a forum just to stir the pot. Why? I know the summer is slow but it's not even an entertaining debate at this point. Don't folks have something better to do? I know the anonymity of the keyboard makes everyone thing they're Chuck Liddell or something but at least make an effort to come up with something more creative than U of M sucks or we're a bunch of homos.

Have you seen the ESPN boards lately? Some of them are almost unreadable. Every forum is full just crap from people who just want to stir the pot.

I lettered in a few sports in high school but it never occurred to me to say anything to the other team while playing. I preferred to let the scoreboard do the talking. Same for when I played amateur hockey abroad. When someone talks trash, does it make them feel better? Or like they're more of a man when someone has nothing else to do other than be a pain in the backside? Srudoff, are you overcompensating for lacking elsewhere?

I wasn't on the football team at Michigan so I'm not going to drop a "we" when referring to the team. Nevertheless, I'm proud of and a huge fan of my school. But I just cannot comprehend why folks spend more energy putting other folks down than supporting their own team. tOSU doesn't have the market cornered on this... at the hockey regionals, most of the NoDak fans spent more time saying Michigan sucked than cheering for their own school. Pretty lame IMHO.

srudoff said...


you're reading a blog that's pretty much a stir it up blog. 70% of the stuff on this site is anti-OSU, 20% pro-michigan, and 10% pictures of girls from every school besides michigan.

this isn't an open forum about all things michigan. only when I see you complain to yost et al about how this isn't a pro-michigan site like it "should" be and ask him why can't he just let the scoreboard do the talking instead of making jokes, will it be ok for you to call out people that are doing the same thing, only at your team's expense.

of course now that i've thought about it, i pretty much know why Yost can't really let the scoreboard do the talking ;)

MGoBlue93 said...

So Sudroff, in reading your rant I'm guessing you view your role is to single handedly let Michigan fans know how wrong you perceive us to be. At any rate, and although I've never been to one, I'm guessing the vast majority of tOSU boards are 100% anti-Michigan -- what's your point? BTW, I like the pics of girls from other schools. It's fortunate that Ypsilanti is so close to A2 (no offense intended T9).

TitleIX said...

no offense taken.

mgb93: I find it hard to believe that whilst playing organized sports you didn't egg-on,goad, tease, torment, or ridicule your teammates (or the opponent) in good fun. Some guy whiffs on an easy shot or gets called out by the coach in a stupid way..I mean that's gotta be fodder for weeks!? right? same thing here...

Personally, I'm not here to provide my thoughts in isolation. This board is meant to be a discussion and by reading what others contribute, I hope to find like-minded individuals who will drone on about our lame secondary and make fun of the suckeyes at every opportunity......

oh--and srudoff? touche buddy touche