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Monday, July 30, 2007

Disco Balls and Middle Fingers Still the Rage in Columbus

Boy, the clip below will really make you pine for all the fun summer nights to be had in Columbus.

First, you know you're at party central when the nightclub/bar you're at has the ol' silver disco ball hanging from the ceiling as the C-bus establishment in the video below does. Because nothing says hip, nothng says cool, nothing says 1977 2007 like a spinning disco ball.

Now since it's Columbus and life itself revolves around Tosu, the clip begins with the bar patrons (obviously taking a break from the Bee Gees tunes) rocking to the "Buckeye Battle Cry."

Okay, fine.

But then the class shines through as the DJ says - and I quote - "We got a couple middle fingers in the air. You know what that means, right? Here comes your song!"

Gee, wonder what's coming next...

Now, while I'd still be shaking my head, I could almost expect this if it was from last November right before the #1 vs. #2 clash in The Shoe. But folks, judging from the attire by those in attendance and the date the clip was added (July 25th), this is common behavior in the middle of the summer down there!

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

P.S. Oh, and I don't care what time of year it is, nothing excuses the disco ball.

Ed. Note: In our continuing effort to save Buckeye fans stopping by the trouble of having to leave a comment after they read a post like the one above...

"Fuck you! Michigan sucks! We own your ass! Disco ball this you 1-5 bitches!"


Brad Coe said...

It still amazes me that the entire state of ohio can spell a four letter word. And wouldn't all buckey fans be hypocrytes for singing the song "I don't give a damn for the whole state of michigan" song when their fight song is written by Michigan. Sounds like an Oxy-Moron to me. So therefore if they don't give a damn about the whole state of michigan, then they don't care very much about their own fight song. Geez, I can't believe their is such a culture so retarted as the buckeye fans.

TitleIX said...

And a BIG shout out to the victorious San Jose Sabercats on their 3rd Arena Bowl Championship. They beat the appropriately named Columbus Destroyers, 55-33.

Yep, Arena Bowl tOSU bitches, ARENA BOWL....


god of the whoppers said...

and now we "have" sam mcguffie!!!!
he gave a verbal commitment last night

Herringbone said...

We are a sad bunch from time to time. Any part of Columbus south of I-70 could catch on fire and we wouldnt miss it at all.

Now about that redneck tag...I assume you've visited parts of SE Michigan (sans Ann Arbor). Enough Said.

Yost said...


Upon further review, the tag was a little much.

god of the whoppers said...

yeah, but no part of michigan can compare to Perry county, nonetheless Gallipolis.

Da Braylon said...

Thanks for saving the Michigan fans' time for not having to read the OSU fans' comments...

i.e. "We own you blablabla."

I hate that. All they care about is the last six years. So many times, I have heard, "Hasn't OSU won the last six years in a row?"

NO! I swear, so many forget about 2003. The tides will once again turn in favor of UM this coming season.

zen wizard said...

I thought a middle finger in the air means you want the DJ to play, "Where Is the Love?"

ohio_guy said...

brad coe, um how and when did michigan write osu's fight song.

just curious