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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dewey Defeats Truman: College Football Edition

In asking for guest columnist submissions yesterday, MZone reader SiC - who, in case you don't know, lives deep behind enemy lines in Columbus - sent us info on two Tosu books that, quite frankly, I'm embarrassed to say we never knew anything about before.

The books were published in the wake of Ohio State's undefeated 2006 regular season but, as you'll see, before the BCS title game.

The first book is called THE UNSTOPPABLE BUCKEYES which, as SiC reminds us, is not to be confused with THE UNSINKABLE TITANIC...

The second book in this collection is called 12-0: An Insider's Account of Ohio State's Championship Season...

Now, in hindsight, for the non-Tosu fan, these books do seem a bit, shall we say, humorous. I mean come on - aren't you just setting yourself up for failure by calling a book "Unstoppable" with one game left to play?

Same with 12-0. That would be like an NFL conference champion putting out a book on their season right before they played in the Super Bowl. You're just asking for, well, posts like this from your rivals (and Florida fans).

Then again, these are only first editions. I'm sure we can look forward to STOPPABLE, with a new forward by Urban Meyer, and 12-1: An Insider's Account of Ohio State's Excellent Season Before They Got Blown Out.

P.S. To save OSU readers stopping by the trouble of leaving a comment on this post...

"Fuck you! Michigan sucks! We own your ass! Least we can read about how we kicked your ass in those books! 1-5, bitches!"

P.P.S. And, best of all, Buck fans, you can now buy these (obvious) collector items as part of a special "two pack" on Amazon.com.


TitleIX said...

Is Tressel the new Touchdown Jesus???


Where's the FOOTBALL TEAM????

WhetstoneBuck said...

Damn! That's going to leave a mark.

Out of Conference said...

I'm heading to the beach in a few weeks for a week with family - many of whom are Buckeye fans. I'm getting there early and now am thinking about getting one or both of these books and leaving them on the coffee table at the beach house when the Buck fans arrive. I was thinking how I might acquire a live baby alligator and leave it in their room for them to find (it being a beach in SC- not too hard to find a gator, safely getting my hands on one would be a much harder proposition). The book makes a safe alternative.

Doug said...

"Just one agenda: 12-0. All we want to do is have an undefeated regular season. National title? Eh, I could give a fuck."

Brad Coe said...

well for all those buck fans that only go back 6 years and say 1-5 to us ....well, us michigan fans include all the years that were envolved 57-40-6. I don't know why all you bucks think the past just resets because of a new coach. Its called history and it stays in the books forever and to everyones eyes except the buck fans, that means it counts. so when a suckeye fan says 1-5 to me, it pretty much means nothing. 57-40-6 means alot. To all the bucks, NEWS FLASH- We own you.

El Pendejo Grande said...

To all the bucks, NEWS FLASH- We own you.

just not lately

Brad Coe said...

We wil always own OSU as long as we have a winning record against the bucks

WingRG said...

Brad Coe,

well i hope it makes you sleep better at night that you had a decent football team (at least 25 years) before OSU had a decent football team. The truth is the reason UM has the advantage in the series is b/c the series was very one sided in the beginning.

I hope on Saturday nite of Nov. 18 (of last year) you weren't crying yourself to sleep to the tune of: "Who cares about OSU going to the Nat'l Title game, at least we have a winning record against them if we go back far enough in history".

Now, to the books: there's a reasonable explanation (not that reasonable, but oh well) of why they exist. They got published around X-mas time (so that people can give them as gifts) b/c all things OSU are popular in C-bus, all the time. That doesn't make it right (or even less funny) but that's the reason.

Scott said...

There are gators on South Carolina's beaches? Would those be salt water gators? Try Francis Marion National Swamp. If you poke around long enough the gators will introduce themselves to you.

John said...

Here's the link for all of you Buckeyes that want a copy of "Unstoppable:"


John said...

Oh well, I guess it doesn't like long links.