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Monday, July 02, 2007

Cincinnati Reds Have Buckstache Giveaway

Last week, for one of their promotions, the Cincinnati Reds had "Flash the 'Stache Night" in which they gave away fake mustaches to the first 20,000 fans in attendance. Now, maybe it's just me, but judging by the picture below, it sure seems like this could double as a Buckstache in Columbus this fall.

You be the judge...

(HT: DG)


ohio_guy said...

The Reds are weird....they have like 3 mascots or something. One of them has a a black mustache or something, and I have no idea why they do that as a give away.

Oh well, I could care less about the Reds. Go Tribe.

zen wizard said...

Didn't the Cincinnati Reds prohibit facial hair and long hair on players in the Sixties?

I think it was an overcompensation for the name "Reds" which meant Communist back then.

In view of that--if in fact this is the team I am thinking of--this is a strange promotion.

Since Cincinnati is the home of Kroger, I have always felt they should change their name to the "Sackers." Or "Yellow Tag Specials." Or something that ties that in.

zen wizard said...

Okay, I looked it up and the Cincinnati Reds prohibited facial hair from the late Sixties through the early Eighties, and even passed on a good relief pitcher named Rollie Fingers when they were hurting in the bullpen because he refused to shave his handlebar moustache.