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Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Ten Network: Bringin' the Funny

Please tell me the programming on the soon-to-be-launched BTN is going to be better than this "funny" commercial for the new net...

Ouch, my side hurts.

P.S. Here's the one for Sparty...


Mathew said...

The spartards out watching the statue are damn intense. I walked by it about 4am while on my way home from a party the night before the game in '05 and they all jumped to their feet and glared at me menacingly. It was pretty damn funny just how worried they are that UM fans will mess with their precious statue.

Scott said...

'The Big House'!?!?!?! Really?? That's MICHIGAN STADIUM!!

...and sometimes I think I should go unload some water baloons on those Sparty gards, just so they have something to do. It doesn't seem right that they guard all that time and don't see any action. I just don't want to get beat down by a mob over what's really an act of sympathy.

Out of Conference said...

The Big House parking commercial was pretty lame, and not so ironically seems to typify what the BTN network is really about - a grab for cash. It started off with some promise - the voiceover guy, the aerial shot of the stadium packed, but the punchline sucked nuts.

I think it's neat that the BigTen font on the title page of the BTN seems to be the exact same font used by ESPN. That Delaney guy is wicked quick in marketing skills.

Matt said...

That Big House commercial is one of the lamest things I have ever seen. It's not funny because that's what people actually do. I have friends who sold spots on their front lawn for every game. Nothing really funny about that.

Some of the other commercials aren't so bad. The IU one is pretty ok but the problem is that there is not much football tradition to be proud of there. Also note the little tribute to the stone cutters in Bloomington.

And the one with all of the different people showing their school colors is pretty cool. It's something we understand pretty well.

AndrewWL said...

Unfortunately I had to watch that at work so I didn't have sound. Good thing it was a shot of the Big House so I'm sure it sounded the same.

Go Bucks!

zen wizard said...

Subtitle: "How to make a series of commercials with less than half your bar mitzvah money!"