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Monday, July 16, 2007

Anti-OSU Photos

A couple months ago we told you about the HBO documentary looking at the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry.

Well, I got an email from one of the producers asking for any high-res "anti-OSU photos." He's looking for a couple counterpoints to the anti-Michigan stuff out there.

Anybody have/know of any? I seem to recall one of a girl at last year's M/OSU game that was sent our way. Maybe from SI.com?

In any event, let me know and I'll pass 'em on.


michiganmanphil said...

I snapped some pictures of the infamous 2004 OSU Drug Dog Search conducted by the OSU police on the UM team before they entered the Shoe in Columbus. I can email them to you if you think they would be used. Let me know if you're interested.

srudoff said...

some scoreboard shots from the 90's when you used to beat us might work

Phi Delt Kellyn said...

I have some great pics from 03 college gameday including OSU signs reading "I HATE MICHIGAN MORE THAN I HATE FRANCE" and a great one from when we rushed the field after the game. Also I have some shots of our pledges burning OSU gear during I-Week.

email if you want them


zen wizard said...

This would be a good "feel gooder," "can't we all just get along"-picture at the end.

Da Braylon said...

I think srudoff has this insane idea that Michigan will never beat OSU again...isn't that cute? So funny.