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Monday, June 25, 2007

When you REALLY want a coach gone

Sure, you're serving in the most dangerous place on earth for a U.S. soldier, but what's really on your mind is...college football?

Below is a pic from Bruins Nation showing a member of the military - and obviously big UCLA fan - stationed at Sather Air Force Base in Baghad sporting a "Save Football Dump Dorrell" t-shirt.


TitleIX said...

Speaking of soldiers....
Where in the world is Wolvermarine?????

Yost said...


I don't know. Haven't heard from him in a long time. I think he's back Stateside, but not sure.

Wolver-Marine said...

I returned safely in late March and have since watched recorded versions of every televised game from the 2006 season. (Painful final two games!)

Kind of looking like I may be sitting out of the Battalions next rotation and if so, I will get to see the games live on TV this fall.

Either way, I'll follow as best as I can and keep visiting MZone.

Thanks for caring.


TitleIX said...

Thanks for responding Wolver-Marine.
Glad you are safe.

(I'd also say thanks for your service which I truly mean, but don't really want to start an embarrassing string of platitudes....ie, simple words on a blog aren't really enough)

Killing My Liver said...

Why is he doing the "Hook 'em" sign ?