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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What took them so long?

Some things just naturally go together -- Paris Hilton and jail. The Captain and Tennille. Phil Fulmer and a box of glazed donuts. The MZone and Penthouse magazine.


Last week, we got an email from the columnist doing the 2007 college football preview for Penthouse magazine. He had suggested to the magazine that they rope in some of the top college football blogs and fan sites to spice it up a bit and be different. They agreed and, due to our obvious expertise in the art of merging college football and porn, he contacted us.

Now, like many of you, my first thought upon receiving his email was, "Penthouse has a college football preview?" (which came right on the heels my first first thought which was, "Penthouse has words in the magazine?"). But they do and we were asked to give our answers to five predictions/burning questions for the upcoming season which we'll share if and when we make the cut.

More importantly, I want to know if Penthouse has a photo shoot for its All-American team. We all know Playboy does but I have to think Penthouse's shoot would be a tad bit more, shall we say, risque ("Hey, is that Darren McFadden with the cock ring and the nipple clamp?").

In any event, we sent our responses in and will let you know what happens. This may be the best chance some of you have to justify the purchase of a porn mag to your significant other: "What pictures, honey? I just want to see that hot Asian girl-girl action on p. 46 what they said about this blog I read. When I'm not thinking about you. Only you. And me. Making romantic love on a bed of rose petals. While listening to your Norah Jones mix CD."

Yes, folks, the long, slippery slope towards the (S&)MZone has begun.

Ed. Note: To those readers who are offended by the above, our apologies: we promise to never mention Captain & Tennille on the MZone again.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Congratulations guys!

I always knew those Courtney Simpson pictures would pay dividends one day.

It kind of brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "I never thought something like this would happen to me..."

Masked Avenger said...


You forgot the first part of the sentence, which is "I attend[ed] a large Midwestern University and"

WhetstoneBuck said...

Way off topic.

I just wanted to offer condolences regarding the UofM team of surgeons, donor specialists and air crew that went down yesterday. Thoughts and prayers going out to the UofM and those connected to this tragedy.

zen wizard said...

Wow, this means now even YOU GUYS might get laid!

(Of course, if this doesn't work, your only hope is American Mortician Monthly...)

Big Jon said...

With any luck you'l get peed on by a porn star!

Chuck said...

I think that's Pittman with the cock ring and nipple clamp...McFadden is the one with the ass-less chaps and the butt plug.

srudoff said...


your contribution to mixing "porn" and sports is pretty much just posting pics of hot Ohio State fans


Killing My Liver said...

I did't know there was such a thing.

David said...

Blah, you really need to show more pics of hot white sluts who beg for the black cock.

insomniac said...

Congrats guys.

You're probably already aware of this, but Penthouse significantly changed their format a few years ago and isn't nearly as hardcore as it once was. From what I've heard, it's more akin to the British Maxim....except nobody buys it.

Galen said...

I’m insanely jealous you bastards.