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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're back...

Between Benny being out of town and my non-blogging responsibilites (yes, there are one or two), the daily grind of the MZone has been a little tough for us of late.

Our apologies. Trying to get back to normal here shortly.

Ed. Note: Okay, we admit the problem for nothing yesterday was that we were too busy watching - then bitching about, then pondering - the final episode of THE SOPRANOS Sunday night. Thoughts?


Out of Conference said...

I see you're a little behind in your blogging!

Re: Sopranos - I watched it again last night. I'm OK with the ending. When I first saw it, I too thought my DirecTV was out and just about launched the remote at the screen. I thought that the ending just meant, "That was it. The show is over. Our privilege of being able to witness this family's life was now revoked. Period. The end. The next day I read on some message boards that it meant that Tony was capped by the guy coming out of the bathroom. Ala Bobbie saying, "I wonder if you ever hear it coming?" Well I re-watched it, and it wasn't from Tony's point of view. He didn;t see Meadow yet, the last scene was of her crossing the street and walking across the sidewalk to the door... then they show Tony from a 3rd person point of view. Then lights out. Show over. Meadow didn't have a look of horror on her face as if she saw the guy coming out of the bathroom with a gun. She was just rushing across the street in the rain ahead of a car. So I'm happy. Even though Tony was a low life mmurderer piece of crap, he still was a Dad, he still was part of a family that was still together through all their crap. And in the end, they were just a happy family going to an old favorite eating place they used to frequent possibly when they had less money. Tony probably knew he was going to jail, but with Carm's estate sale beach house, Meadow's law future looking promising, and AJ finally getting his head out of his wimpy ass and taking his new job seriously, Tony probably knew the family would be fine whether or not the mafia family was there to take care of them when Tony was in jail.
I hated to see the show end, but certainly didn;t want it to drag out like Robert Parish's career.

And how many fucking times do I have to tell you, don't park in leaves!

zen wizard said...

As Leno succinctly put it, it was disappointing that there were more guys whacking each other backstage at the Tony Awards than there were guys whacking Tony Soprano.

El Pendejo Grande said...

The Sopranos should have ended with Tony watching a parade of naked ASU chicks on bikes drinking beer bongs.

Must see TV right there.