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Friday, June 01, 2007

Two-Minute Drill

* Maybe we were too harsh to criticize the condo complex that used spitting on Phil Fulmer as a selling point.

Brian at MGoBlog rebuts Phil's latest broadside aimed at Michigan and the Big 10.

* Yes, I'm a Detroit Pistons fans, but even I have to tip my cap to Cleveland stud LeBron James who scored the Cavs' last 25 points in their 109-107 2OT win over the fading hometown team. That was simply unreal.

* And in today's "I think I'm going to vomit" section, some folks need to remember that "MILF" should never, EVER refer to one's own mother.

(HT: DA)


ohio_guy said...

go Cavs

Out of Conference said...

I just threw up on my keyboard and shirt after clicking on the MILF link. I'll set the scene - a guy down the hall brought in a cherry cobbler this morning. I cut me a chunk of it and it was sitting on the plate next to the monitor. Needless to say, after reading the headline of the MILF article, seeing the picture of the mom- I got the image in my head that the cherry cobbler sitting on the plate could have been a x-rated visual aid for that article. Thanks guys. Well played.

A2saint said...

Yeah, but at least it looks like she can take her teeth out. That must account for sumpin'...

Tha Quiet Storm said...

"Tell 'em Large Marge sent ya."

harry hasselhoff said...

Anyone else notice the Buckstache on the Milf guy?

god of the whoppers said...

Only in toledo, we hate the racist, but please send you incest kids.

does anyone else wish she looked more like t-rex (orgazmo)

srudoff said...

Toledo is Wolverine country - everyone knows that

god of the whoppers said...

not really, I think I know more tOSU fans the michigan fans, but there are definitely a ton more that in columbus (fags).