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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

That Bastard Benny

Benny had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to go on vacation this week and leave me to mind the store here all by myself. So I'm doing my best to balance blogging with a busy week at work on my end.

Our readers have been sending in some great stuff the last couple days, I'm just a little behind in getting it up. So bear with me and I'll get it up asap.



Out of Conference said...

Well considering how things went down the last time Benny left the office for a few days (i.e. suddenly lots of hot girls getting posted), I approve of Benny's vacation completely.

Sundawg said...

Must you share your problems about getting it up online? I mean, for Chirst's sake, this blog is available to children and frightened farm animals!

BARman said...

Apparently the relationship between Benny and you is a lot closer than we all realized. Sorry you have trouble getting it up when Benny is absent...

zen wizard said...

This is like when Wayne took the day off and Garth had to do Wayne's World by himself.