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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Spartan Countdown

The clock is already ticking for the MSU-Michigan game on November 3rd...at least in Spartyville.

To keep MSU focused on their in-state rival (whom they haven't beaten since 2001), the new Michigan State coaching staff has installed not one...not two...but three "countdown clocks" - in the Spartan weight room, locker room and meeting room - ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the Maize and Blue face off against the Green and White...

Now, the first thing I'd be interested to know is if the clocks are actually correct. I mean, we all know there is a history of problems regarding keeping track of time in East Lansing. Then again, we're just happy Spartan Bob was able to find another job in the MSU athletic department.

And you have to think these clocks are better than the one's they used to have around the football facilities when Bobby Williams and John L. Smith were there...

Ed. Note: Ok, the pic above is probably funnier if I spelled "ass-raped" correctly. Although, I'm assuming if you've had your ass "rapped," that's not too pleasant either and thus, works for the bit as well.

(HT: SG)


lane said...

what's an 'ass rap?'

Jeremy said...

They wanted to count the days SINCE their last victory over UM, but since that number stands at 2061 days, it would've required the purchase of two more countdown clocks.

Just to repeat that: Two thousand sixty one days.

Mike said...

Damn you guys! Michigan State is our rival! (PSU) Why can't you leave our crummy rival alone? You have the Buckeyes. Now you have to have the Spartans too. You guys suck!

Killing My Liver said...

Assrapping is 1 billeeeeeeon times worse then ass raping. Everyone knows that. Duh. Move along, spelling nazi.

Da Braylon said...

67 days until kickoff.....for the season that is.

Ram61 said...

Well, at least they aren't looking ahead and taking things one game at a time.

zen wizard said...

My farts all rhyme.

In fact, they rhyme with "rap," because they go, "BRRRRRAAAAAPPP."

Should I make a demo tape and get it to a guy at Universal Records or something?

I had my own "countdown clock" at MSU--but I didn't really give a damn when they played U-of-M; it was more of a "Countdown till I get my sheepskin and get out of this g@wdforsaken town"-clock.

lane said...

Ed. note noticed & dually noted!

Yost, ya kill me!

Jonathan said...

HAHAHAHA! Love the score board pic. It's hysterical, and so true. Just gonna tell you, whenever you post a new blog entry, go over to BeTheRef.com and post a link to it, maybe bring you a few more readers. Take care, and keep posting this great stuff! :)