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Monday, June 04, 2007

Most Valuable College Football Teams

Recently, Forbes ranked the top 15 most valuable college football teams and U-M came in 4th. Not surprisingly, because they're an independent and don't have to share revenue and have their very own network deal, Notre Dame was "ranked" #1.

According to the link above, to come up with the ranking, Forbes "calculated each football program's total revenues from tickets, sponsorships, premium seating and broadcasting. Then we subtracted expenses to derive the football program's profits. Next, we measured how much of each team's profits went for non-football scholarships and toward other sports, and was shared by other teams in its conference. We also looked at how much additional money the county generated when the team played a home game. In our scoring system the first two factors were given the most weight, while county revenue was given the least."

Here's the list:

1. Notre Dame
2. Texas
3. Georgia
4. Michigan
5. Florida
6. Tosu
7. 'Bama
8. Tennessee
9. Oklahoma
10. LSU
11. Auburn
12. Penn State
13. South Carolina
14. Texas A&M
15. Wisconsin

(HT: DW)


Tennvolchamp said...

Interesting story. Would be interesting to overlay a concept of "potential" to some of these. What I mean is looking at combination of population/GDP-type factors. I think the layer that would add would be that schools in "small market" conditions (Tennessee, Oklahoma, Bama, Auburn, and similar) have created amazing "value" considering the resources available.

Out of Conference said...

What's that freakin' say about the Cocks at #13 - the most valuable program to have never won a national championship.

Either we're destined to win one or we're spending way too much cash on football.

Sports on a Schtick said...

Forbes also ranked Kevin McHale as the best general manager in sports, so I tend not to pay attention to Forbes.

Tito said...

I'm psyched that Texas is number 2 on this here list but not as pumped that we FINALLY entered the Fulmer cup. Bout time.

JVN said...

Not bad for OSU to be #6 since they are still paying off the stadium rebuild. This also means that UM may drop because of their rebuild, and if I'm not mistaken Texas is starting one also. Four Big Ten in the top 15, not bad.

Kirbdaddy said...

South Carolina??? What the FUCK!!! Are you sure they didn't mean Southern Cal????