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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Buckeye Rappers: Keeping it (ce)Real

Ok, this made me laugh.



Corey said...

That was amazing! I thought the $uckeye fans were only able to spell 4 letter words that start with O-H ... who knew?

and Yost ... that made you laugh? I was disturbed after the bathtub scene, which you could have WARNED US ABOUT! NSFW

Brad Coe said...

the ohio state clothes and the two of them in a bathtub together explains it all.

Yost said...


I'm easily amused. Or I was drunk. Not sure which.

A2saint said...

I dig the kid in the cape. I think he might be "special"

BARman said...

Yost: "or"?..."which"?...

Gary said...

um, that was way more hilarious than i thought it would be, albiet the bathtub scene was The Office kind of funny; that is, uncomfortable.