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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

M Go Baseball

Michigan's baseball team beat overall #1 seed Vanderbilt Monday night when pinch-hitter Alan Oaks homered and off the Commodore's ace reliever in the top of the 10th inning. The 4-3 victory advances the Wolverines to the NCAA tournament's super regionals next weekend against the winner of Charlottesville Regional title game between Oregon State and UVA today.

Vanderbilt, the #1 team in the land most of the season, also won the SEC's regular season and tournament titles. But the Wolverines beat Vandy for the second time in three days on their home turf to remind U-M fans what it feels like to win a big post-season game for a change.


Brad Coe said...

all I got to say is "Go Blue". Im proud of the baseball team. Lets hope next years basketball does the same and also the football team. With most of are star defensive players gone on the football team, I doubt if they can pull it off. I hope prove me wrong. Im praying they prove me wrong.

beast in 'bama said...

I watched the first couple innings of that game, but turned it off when Vandy got out to a lead. "They'll never catch 'em," I believe I muttered to my daughter as I picked up the remote.

Congratulations. Beating Vandy - clearly the best team in the SEC this season - in Nashville is quite an accomplishment.

DanteJones said...

That was the first college baseball game I've ever watched and, damn, it sure didn't disappoint.


Bring on Oregon State/Virginia.

Omaha bound...

Out of Conference said...

That was a huge win for Wolverines. Not to nitpick and I certainly am not taking anything away from your win (just the opposite), but Price isn't Vandy's ace reliever. It's bigger than that- he's their top pitcher, period. He usually starts Friday night games and is one of the top starting pitchers in the country. This season's contest between he and Schmidt, Honeycutt, and other aces around the SEC have been some of the best pitching duels witnessed. Just to show you how good - here are his stats from secsports.com, he was 11-0 on 16 appearances this season with an ERA of 2.71. He struck out 175 batters in 123 innings pitched walking only 29 all year. Up to your game, he only allowed 1 other HR all season. You guys should be proud of your win over Vandy twice this past weekend. Good luck in the Supers. Maybe we can square off in Omaha.

One Man Gang said...

Beast...Vandy never had a lead. At best, they tied us in the bottom of the 8th.

One Man Gang said...

Just read that Price is widely considered to be a lock for the #1 pick in the MLB draft this week.


Out of Conference said...

Yeah - Price will go #1 overall. He's a freaking beast of a pitcher. He was on short rest having just pitched Friday night, and I'm sure he didn't tell Corbin anything but, "Put me in" when asked if his arm was up to it. The stars are in your favor (and you've earned it as well) - be thankful you didn't have to face him after full rest.

I didn't watch, but had live stats going. I later read that Pedro Alverez (VU) was robbed of a dinger by a great catch over the wall. He'll also be a first rounder, but I think he's only a soph so he can't go to the draft until he's a junior.

dallas-blues said...

Does this mean the big Ten is the best baseball conferance in the land and the SEC is a pile of crap- based on one (2) games????

katherine said...

VanBuskirk! Robbed Pedro!

TitleIX said...

Even better????
Alan Oaks, Freshman pinch hitter with a .188 batting average launching the GAME WINNING, SOLO HOME RUN, off an UNDEFEATED ACE in the TOP OF THE 10th in the NCAA regionals!!!

are you f'n kidding me?????

THAT my friends is the SportsCenter moment of the week!

Kirbdaddy said...

titleix...it was #1 on Top Plays on SportsCenter last night. #4 was the guy saving the homerun.

TitleIX said...

thanks kirbdaddy. I didn't see it.
those plays should been 1-2 tho!

Evan said...

Highlights here

MGoBlue93 said...

Despite claims from tOSU and obnoxious SEC fan trolling the site, there doesn't seem to be a lack of pleasant surprises among the whole athletic department... The recent softball national championship and now the men shooting for a title... GO BLUE!!!

Out of Conference said...

Good luck against the Beavers - last year's CWS champs. Here's your game times and TV coverage

Corvallis Super Regional
Corvallis, Ore.
June 9 3 p.m. (ESPNU)
June 10 4 p.m. (ESPN)
June 11 7 p.m. (ESPN or ESPN2), if nec.

I read you guys could have hosted this series if you submitted a bid and weren't undergoing renovations at your field right now.

Beast - sorry your Horns are out again. Two years in a row... very not like Texas baseball. I'm glad you guys are out for our sake (along with Vandy and the Hawgs). We get past the Heels and I like our chances.

MGoBlue93 said...

Thanks OOC... you're quite the CBB fan... ever thought of starting your own blog?