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Friday, June 22, 2007

Even ESPN Colleagues Rip Cowherd

Been meaning to put something up on this...

MZone reader Dave sent us a link to a recent Bill Simmons ESPN Page 2 article. In it, he had this to say about our favorite radio host:

"While we're here, my ESPN colleague Colin Cowherd mocked my seven trade scenarios for Kobe on the radio last week without reading the entire column or even attempting to understand its premise, namely, that the trade options for Kobe were limited because (A) he needed to go to a big market for a team that could contend right away, and (B) nobody pays 100 cents on the dollar for a team looking to unload an unhappy superstar.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Cowherd embarrassed himself by not understanding basic NBA trading principles like "it would be valuable for L.A. to swap Vlad Radmanovic's contract for Bobby Sura's expiring contract in a T-Mac/Kobe deal because Sura's contract expires in 2008, which would buy them some cap space down the road."

Look, I know the radio business lends itself to hosts lazily skimming other people's columns and blogs ... but seriously, Colin, in the words of Mark Jackson, you're better than that. Your show's on for three hours a day and you get four giant commercial breaks per hour. That leaves you plenty of time to research your segments so you don't come off as misinformed. No offense."

Damn, that was beautiful.

"Look, I know the radio business lends itself to hosts lazily skimming other people's columns and blogs." Nope. Didn't enjoy that line one bit. What on earth could Simmons be talking about?

My only bone to pick with Mr. Simmons comments regarding Cowherd Schrutebag was his contention that Schrutebag was "better than that."

Uh, no, no he's not. And he keeps proving it again and again.


Out of Conference said...

Hear hear!

Devil said...

The only reason I can think of that Cowherd still has a job is that his awfulness helps make Mike & Mike look good by comparison

zen wizard said...

Can't a commentator of his stature just hire somebody to read articles for him?

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yost said...


It's there, bottom of point #6.

MGoBlue93 said...

Thanks Yost, it looks like you posted the same time I deleted. ANYWAY, check out Colin's response everyone.