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Friday, June 29, 2007

ESPN GameDay to Open Season at V-Tech

ESPN's College GameDay will open the 2007 season in Blacksburg, Virginia on September 1st when the Virginia Tech Hokies host East Carolina.

The choice has added meaning after the tragedy last April when a lone gunman killed 32 people on the campus.

"Virginia Tech is a special place, and the community is one of the most respectful and passionate we have visited," ESPN vice president Norby Williamson said. "Our coverage will be considerate of the emotional day facing the students, faculty, and people of Blacksburg and the country."


zen wizard said...


VictoryCabal said...

As a Hokie, I'm of mixed opinion on this. Having Gameday there for a game is great, but it still feels a little icky.

On the other hand, having gameday at VT means that the whole two hours won't ALL be about Jimmy Clausen, and I think we can all agree that's a good thing.

MonkeyWrench32 said...

You're right, I do miss him. Hmm.

katherine said...

I said this on another UM board, so here's my take on this.

I know collge gameday doesn't always go to the "best" or "biggest" game, but Eastern Carolina? This game will be pretty lamer regardless of the storyline. Bless those involved in the shooting, but it has nothing to do with college football, nor should it. I hate to sound like a heartless a-hole, but the first college gameday of the year shouldn't be a somber one. IMO it's just inappropriate.

Tennessee @ Cal would be my number one choice, as I think most would agree. But some would have concerns about a 7am setup time on the West coast...even though that can't be the case b/c they've had gameday at the Coliseum before. I personally think Kansas St. @ Auburn or Okie St. @ Georgia would be pretty exciting and a good choice for gameday if you're strictly talkin about East coast games. I like seeing places like Athens or Auburn for a college football saturday, Jordan-Hare and Sanford stadiums are electric during a big game. I know Lane Stadium is insane for big games as well, but Eastern Carolina is just not a big game no matter how you slice it.

westcoaster said...

While I am sympathetic to the sentiment, I don't think Game Day and the VT tragedy is a good mix. I know that I don't want to see Lee Corso don VT garb and scream "Go Hokies".

That I was hopeful Game Day would make its first ever appearance in Berkeley has nothing to do with this opinion. Dang it.

Killing My Liver said...

1. Merkin.

2. How much time will they allot for covering "The Hiokie recovery"? I'm guessing an hour or so. As stated above, it's a horrible tragedy, and all good wishes go out to anyone involved in any way, but I don't think ECU is the game they should cover. IMO, it's a ploy to get ratings.