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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Enemy Within


Wrong, wrong, wrong!


Reed said...

Wow. The CIA must be hurting for people these days. I always figured they'd want their agents to, you know, stay in shape and stuff.

Also, that was pointless...

Killing My Liver said...

I guess he wanted a better education.

Brad Coe said...

If anyone is stupid enough to trust another guy with shears is also stupid enough to be a buckeye fan. And what is with having a buddy shave your facial hair. Thats ahhh sort of uhhhh..... what would you call it..... OH yeah...... GAY.

Out of Conference said...

Maybe he's just hoping for a new stadium or getting the team moved to Miami
see Rachel Phelps

Buck said...

You bottom feeders who look for any chance to bash tOSU need to get new joke writers. Your recent foray into humor have underwhelmed. Either find new material or give it up.

Maybe you should crawl out of your geeked up lairs that could double as hermit caves. A little sunshine could help... as could some O2 for your oxygen starved brains.

Have a nice day!

p.s. Yost & Bennie: this was not directed at you. You seem to be the only UM supporters with a real sense of humor

not said...

It's well known that homosexuals are confused individuals. Obviously this guy is VERY confused. He probably ran a glory hole out of EAST QUAD.

DanteJones said...

After watchin that vid... *ack!* *ahem* *cough*

Sorry, got a bug in my throat.