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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Auburn Charts

The folks at the Auburner have been doing a lot of important research as the charts below indicate...

(HT: Jen)


TideDruid said...

As a Bama fan, I would normally say I'm insulted by the Heisman chart. But to be honest, I really don't care since that trophy is the modern day equivalent to the 'Best In Show' award at your local dog show.


There you have it folks - the famous Bammer capitulation... whether it's being snubbed by a coach from West Virginia University (LOL), losing a blue-chip recruit (anybody remember Wittle Mikey begging Tebow to come to Bammer - for DAYS? LOL), or having produced no Heisman trophy winners, it's always the same...

"We didn't really want him/it anyway."


Also note what tidedruid didn't say - "Bammer grad". tidedruid has to go with "Bammer fan".

Another chart that would be interesting (old news in the SEC) would show "percentage of SEC school's fans that actually graduated with a four-year degree from the school". Bammer would be bringing up the rear on that one, too... I'd guess under 1%.

"That's OK, we really don't care about that".

And, a few years from now, when the inevitable Saban-induced scandals and corruption have landed Bammer in the NCAA doghouse again, and the City of Birmingham has to post a round-the-clock guard to keep the Bammers from digging up Bourbon Bryant, what will The Mullet Nation say about Saban?

"That's OK, we didn't want him anyway."

beast in 'bama said...

In relation to the Y axis, Ole Miss is too low, and Miss. St. is too high - in my experience. But for an Auburn man to bow to Florida on the X axis? Truly shocking.

The Heisman graphic is nothing but the facts, 'mam.

Out of Conference said...

I agree with BiB for sure on all three of his conclusions. As a homer SoCar engineering graduate, Miss St's position in relation to SoCar on the X-axis is baffling. I'd like to think we're alos a little closer to Auburn and LSU than that as well.
The Heisman chart is pretty freaking funny.
Funny posts Rtbdthrte - keep the hammer down!

Reggie said...

anyone else notice the third chart on the actual website.

Auburn fans are bashing Bama fans for living in Trailers...yet in the chart there is a huge spike for Auburn in the college years...so apparently all SEC fans spend some point in there life in a Trailer.

Auburn Andrew said...

^^That was the point Reggie...

The point of the chart was because many Bammers like to comment on the fact that a lot of AU students live in trailers and they do, no one is denying that. At least once we graduate though we get to move into a house.

The sustained high percentage of Bama fans that live in trailers is a direct result of them not ever actually ATTENDING the university and earning their wage starring in Deliverance...

I agree some of the placements were a little off on the X-Y graph... But I think the overall trend is the important part. The hotness of your girls is inversely proportional to the quality of your engineering school. This is not the case at Auburn where the two go hand in hand. Don't believe me? I defy you to come for a visit you will be astounded. The level of Auburn girls has actually ruined other areas of the country for me. I am in Austin, Tx right now and I have yet to see a girl that would even get a date in Auburn.

Andy said...

I am in Austin, Tx right now and I have yet to see a girl that would even get a date in Auburn.

Now that is saying something!!!

I grew up and went to school in Michigan. I have lived in Austin for 10 years now - and find the local female population to be very inspiring.

If Auburn is as good as you say, I don't think I could take it.

beast in 'bama said...

Auburn's good - but it ain't beating Austin in this category.

If you're just window shopping, Oxford's the place to go (per capita). But there's also a Stepford factor at that place that's extremely troubling.

Rice would be ahead of Ga. Tech on the X, underneath them on the Y, so I agree with the overall corollary.

Joshua said...

Grammar nerd alert:

Shouldn't it be "Percentage of.....WHO haven't stabbed....?"

TideDruid said...

If it makes you feel better RTBDTHRTR, I'm a bama STUDENT (AKA future grad).

TideDruid said...

Also RTBDTHRTR, you seem to be taking this a bit too seriously. I'd love to have a Heisman trophy... from 20-30 years ago. Heck, I'd take the trophy that Jay Barker was nominated for in 1994 (even though he didn't deserve to win it).

But I don't see how you can deny that this has turned into a popularity vote based on who looks the best and who gets sold the best. Why should I care about that thing anyways? It used to mean something before mass media ruined it for me.

But you're a flamer, not an actual debater. Go home and pray that Tuberville gives Blackmon an 18th chance to play football so he can win his Heisman.

Auburn Andrew said...

Andy and BiB...I assure you that I am in Austin right now.. It may be because its the summer (and I really hope it is) but 6th street is extremely disappointing and I have yet to see a girl that I would even consider dumping my girlfriend for.

And tidedruid I think everyone deserves a 2nd chance... He messed up, served his suspension and then left school to better himself. You cannot fault someone for trying to get back on track.

TideDruid said...

I agree everyone deserves a 2nd chance. He's had his second chance already, this probably his 3rd chance.

Auburn Andrew said...

He served his suspension as a 2nd chance... There has been no messing up since then. He left school in the spring to better himself. You cannot fault or punish a guy who seeks help. If you knew the actual story you wouldn't be talking. So, take my advice and not talk.

god of the whoppers said...

where is ASU?

me = double fail

TideDruid said...

All we can base it on is what we read sir:


My reasoning is this: two suspensions = now on his 3rd chance .

as for the 18th chance embellishment, I just did that to tick on the guy who felt like he needed to be a flamer.

intellidouche said...

Does anyone here know if Albertson's is gonna have blueberries on sale for the 4th. I need to get some but I don't want to spend too much.


It's funny how the Bammers can overlook their own national scandals to pick on one Auburn football player. But that's no surprise... their obsession with Auburn ("Big Brother") will never end.

Say - didn't Juwan Simpson get arrested for (a) possession of marijuana and (b) possession of a stolen handgun? SPUAT did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING re: Citizen Simpson. Sounds like gun totin', drug dealing thugs are family at Bammer...

And, of course, the hapless Bammer tidedruid continues to take shots at the Heisman Trophy (and, by association, a former Auburn football coach) - but ONLY because Bammer doesn't have any Heisman Trophy winners. I wonder why they don't just make up some Bammer Heisman winners like they make up NCs? (BTW, the Bammers claims to have already won the 2007-8 and 2008-9 NCs. If you don't believe it, just ask one of them.)

You Bammers are collectively the most dishonest, morally-relativistic bunch of LOSERS on the planet. There's no set of unfavorable circumstances that can't be twisted around to become a positive, is there? What a joke.

Ten bucks says you never "graduate" from Bammer, whatever that entails.

Auburn Andrew said...

Whatever...if thats what you want to think go ahead...I'm telling you right now from what I've heard from those who know Trey personally you cannot fault him for his reasons behind leaving school in the Spring.
It wasn't "Driving around with marijuana and a handgun that wasn't his". I'm sorry if you feel that people should be just kicked to the curb even after trying to better themselves but I just don't agree with you even if it were JPW that got pulled for DUI (he did). These kids should be given every opportunity to succeed and should not be just "cut loose".

Out of Conference said...

This has the makings to become a real good Auburn - Bama hate thread. I'm pulling up a lawn chair, cracking a cold one and watching this shit, ya'll!

MGoBlue93 said...

hear hear OOC... rtbdthrtr really got his panties in a knot. I predict someone will dust off the ol "War Tiger" thread again.

Auburn Andrew said...

^^ love that thread...there is nothing cuter than that tigeager

AUTiger97 said...

Alabama fans love to brag about 12 national championships. Most national championships in football are so biased and ludicrous than most anyone could find a way to claim one. But Bama has taken claiming national titles to a new level. It is some kind of innate lack of self esteem that they are born with in T-town. Winning is everything. They'll do anything to win as proven over the past two years. Their entire history is based on cheating and delusional dreams of grandeur. They are very similar to Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Blanche was a washed-up Southern Belle who lived in a fantasy world of delusions. She thought that she was still the belle of the ball. Bama is very similar. Although rich in tradition, Bama stretches it enough to make themselves believe it.

Alabama claims 12 national titles...>Let's give them a closer examination.....

1925 National Championship- Alabama claims they share this one with Dartmouth. Who awarded the NC? Houlgate and Helms. Houlgate started his system in 1927. So Bama won their 1925 NC using a formula that didn't exist until 1927? Helms Athletic Foundation started in 1941. Another incredible retroactive NC.

The Associated Press Poll has been active since 1936. The AP took their final poll prior to bowl games from 1936 - 1964 and in 1966 and 1967. They took their final poll after the bowl games in 1965 and from 1968 - Current.

1926 National Championship- Alabama claims they share this one with 3 other teams with equal or better records! Once again it is the Helms Athletic Foundation in 1941 that awards it!

1930 National Championship- The Davis poll says that Bama tied Notre Dame for NC this year. This was the only one to award it to Bama. Notre Dame was named NC in 6 polls! Parke Davis is another retroactive system! He (an individual, not an organization) did his in 1933!

1934 National Championship- Alabama says they share this with two other teams. The awarders are Dunkel, Williamson, and Football Thesaurus. Dunkel was an individual who came up with his own system. Williamson was a geologist who came up with his own system. Football Thesaurus first appeared in 1946!

1941 National Championship- This is a complete joke. The AP ranked Alabama 20th in the nation with 14 teams with better records in the top 20. Once again it is the Football Thesaurus that retroactively awards it. Alabama finished 3rd in the SEC that year. Mississippi State won the SEC title..yet Bama claims a National title!

1961 National Championship- Finally a legitimate NC. .

1964 National Championship- While the AP did award the NC to Bama (10-1-0), Arkansas had the better record, 11-0. Alabama played Texas in their bowl and LOST. The AP final poll was before the bowl.

1965 National Championship- The AP gave this to Bama. That year there were three teams with better records than Bama. Bama 9-1-1, Michigan St 10-1-0, Arkansas 10-1-0, Nebraska 10-1-0.

1973 National Championship- AP puts Bama 4th after their bowl game loss. Bama claims a NC from the UPI poll that was taken before they met Notre Dame in the bowl game and lost. There were 3 teams with better records than Bama that year. The embarrassment of naming Alabama number one caused the UPI to name champions after bowl games. Yet Bammer has no shame in claiming it of course.

1978 National Championship- AP gives this to Alabama(11-1-0) even though USC (12-1-0) had the better record Guess who Alabama lost to that year? USC!!!!!!!!!. UPI gave the NC to USC.

1979 National Championship- Their second legitimate NC. Their first Unanimous NC.

1992 National Championship- Their third legitimate NC. Their second Unanimous NC,

.You can see why people ridicule Bama fans when they talk about 12 NCs. The early ones were awarded by individuals years after the games were played. These weren't consensus polls but NCs awarded by people that had their own formula for determining champions. Some NCs where given before bowl games that Bama lost. How silly. The NCAA recognizes 6 NCs for Bama and there are only two NCs that Bama has unanimously.

Debunking the Alabama National Championship myths.

Purple said...

Bama national championships and who awarded them:

1925 Alabama: Billingsley, Boand, Football Research, Helms, Houlgate, National Championship Foundation, Poling
(Bama also won the Rose Bowl 20-19 over Washington.)

1926 Alabama: Billingsley, Football Research, Helms*, National Championship Foundation*, Poling
(Bama tied Stanford 7-7 in the Rose Bowl)

1930 Alabama: Football Research, Parke Davis*
(Bama beat Washington St. 24-0)

1934 Alabama: Dunkel, Houlgate, Poling, Williamson

1941 Alabama: Houlgate (This is one Bama should not claim)

1961 Alabama: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, DeVold, Dunkel, FB News, Football Research, Helms, Litkenhous, National Championship Foundation, NFF, Sagarin, UPI, Williamson
(Bama's first AP title)

1964 Alabama: AP, Berryman, Litkenhous, UPI
(Bama won this one under the system that was in place at the time. Bama's 2nd AP title and second UPI title)

1965 Alabama: AP, Billingsley, Football Research, FW*, National Championship Foundation
(Bama's 3rd AP title)

1973 Alabama: Berryman, UPI
(Bama won this title under the system in place at the time. To say it's not legit is silly)

1978 Alabama: AP, FACT*, Football Research, FW, Helms*, National Championship Foundation*, NFF
(USC was not ranked no. 1 or 2 going into the bowl games. Bama was. Bama won the game and the title. Bama's 4th AP title)

1979 Alabama: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, DeVold, Dunkel, FACT, FB News, FW, Helms, Matthews, National Championship Foundation, NFF, NY Times, Poling, Sagarin, Sporting News, UPI
(Bama's 5th AP title and 3rd UPI title...seems to be adding up here.)

1992 Alabama: AP, Berryman, Billingsley, DeVold, Dunkel, Eck, FACT, FB News, Football Research, FW, Matthews, National Championship Foundation, NY Times, Sporting News, UPI/NFF, USA/CNN
(Bama's 6th AP title and 4th UPI title)

I count 11 titles that Bama can rightfully clima. The exception is the 1941 title. I have heard some Barners say Bama should only claim titles given by the AP (of which Bama has 6) and now accord to this thing you cut and pasted from the 'Net Bama shouldn't claim some of the AP titles. You all need to make up your mind!

Also, There are also five additional years in which the NCAA's official record book recognizes the Crimson Tide as national champion: 1945, 1962, 1966, 1975, and 1977. But, Bama does not claim any of those. (Although they should drop the 1942 claim and add the 1966 claim...much stronger case in that one). Bama could also make a strong case for claiming the 1945 title they were awarded.

Here is Auburn's national titles (actually, that would be API's title as Auburn was then known):

Auburn: AP, Football Research, Helms, National Championship Foundation, Poling, Williamson

One and done. Get over it.

Newspaper Hack said...

Ending the debate:

Of all the Auburn fans I've met in my life, they are so obsessed with hating Alabama that I wonder if they have any love for Auburn, or just hate the Tide.

I think this thread has proved that. Hey, Tiger fans – talk about your own team for a change. I know it's hard, what with all that jealousy, but it could make for better fan relations.

Auburn Andrew said...

You do realizing that loving something and hating something else is mutually exclusive right?

It is entirely possible to post "Bama sucks" and post "I love Auburn" five seconds later.

You don't understand the nature of the hatred of Alabama because you aren't a part of this. You don't understand what its like to have a state media of hypocrits.

Case: Two Auburn signees had their grades changed when they were Juniors before they were committed to Auburn. The Mobile Press-Register (newspaper) could not write fast enough not only the student's names but also that they're playing for Auburn. I think there are privacy laws about releasing people's names in this situation.. Does that stop the red journalism? no.

But maybe they would handle such a situation if it happened to Bama in the same way... We have no way of knowing because its never happened, right? Wrong... 2 weeks later a similar situation occoured in Hoover, Al where a student's grade was changed as a Senior and after he signed an LOI... Surely the paper put his name and what school he was going to right? Nope... No mention of the still "unnamed player" and the fact he's playing at an "unnamed school"

If there is one thing in this world I hate most its hypocrisy and that is why we want you to hate Alabama too.


Joseph Goebbels is most often credited with this statement: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it." This concept is the cornerstone of the foundation upon which the so-called Bammer "tradition" is built, and I propose that lies and propaganda are the Bammer tradition.

The Bammers rely on six things to keep their fraudulent "tradition" alive:

(1) A lack of accurate information.

When Bammers repeat the "12 NCs Lie", they will never talk about specifics, for one of two reasons: (a) they don't know the underlying facts [about 70% of all Bammers fall into this category], or (b) they know the facts, but are unwilling to acknowledge them. The only thing a Bammer can or will discuss concerning the "12 NCs Lie" is which years they claim (which are conveniently printed on the silk-screened t-shirts that comprise over 80% of the average Bammer's wardrobe).

(2) Help from friends.

Sports writers, sportscasters, and authors all have a stake in building up the subject at hand to make it a more interesting or compelling read (or show, in the case of radio and television). Bammers are routinely assisted in the propagation of the "12 NCs Lie" by people who have at least a temporal reason for self-gain.

(3) Our agreement with their illogical assertion that there are multiple national champions in a given year.

This is a particularly insidious variation on the liberal's utopian world view - "Everyone's a winner". (Also, see #2.) Of course, this happens in no other organized sport in the history of man - that is, except in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. If you have any common sense at all, you'll laugh long and hard.

(4) Our agreement that claiming NCs decades after the games were played is "OK".

This is some of the most redneck, most ridiculous behavior ever promoted by adults. Imagine, at some point (the 1960s?), some athletic director somewhere deciding to promote his school by getting a professor to "engineer" a goofy poll ("Dr. Dizzle-Switch is the first on campus to have a Texas Instruments calculator, by God!"). When others hear of it - the modern Gold Rush is on! If you can come up with some warped, tortured mathematical model, you can claim literally dozens of national championships! It's like they're just lying around on the ground, waiting for someone to "find" them - THE RACE IS ON!

(5) Honor among thieves.

The schools that are best at fabricating a history of NCs will be the least likely to call others out for their fraudulent behavior. Did you hear any uproar when USC decided two years ago to claim the 1939 football NC - 65 years later?! What a joke. Even USC asserts its claim rather sheepishly (click here). Note that the Unuversdy of Ayallerbayammer was deathly silent; they were probably scouring the books one MORE time to dredge up some more NCs somehow...

(6) If "they" do it, Bammer can, too.

When backed into the corner about their "12 NCs Lie", Bammers will often point to some other school: "Well, they did it! What about them? Why don't you call them out, too?" - revealing the utter childishness of the logic that has led to this behavior... and I say childishness because it proves their severe underdevelopment of character and of fundamental moral principles. Only a child could not see that if Bammer and Bammer fans feel they must rely on unethical people for their values and morals, they have none.


Liars and propagandists like Bammer, its fans, its sycophants within the press, and its publicity machine never anticipated the Internet, of course. They want as little truthful information available as possible. It's up to the rest of us to bring the truth forward, into the light of contemporary discussion, and to relegate this group of liars and propagandists to the ash heap of sports history.

Purple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Purple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Purple said...

It is amazing the lengths that Barners will go to just to delude themselves. Pretty pathetic. They are so obsessed with Bama's NCs that they can not stand it.

So, what to they do? They post comments and try their best to tear down all of Bama's NCs. But they just make themselves look pretty petty and foolish. Bama has 11 legit NCs (and more they could claim), 21 SEC titles, the most bowl appearances of any team, the most bowl wins of any team, and had one of the best coaches in college football. I can see why they are jealous.

But really, Auburn has a lot to be proud of themselves. The have a NC, they have 6 SEC titles, 2 Heisman winners, a really good coach in Shug Jordan, they had one of the best RBs in college footbal (Bo Jackson), they have a football team that is a SEC power and has recently been a national power. The have won the Iron Bowl the last 5 times and they got a pretty good coach there now.

But, do they talk about this? Nooooo! It's all Bama! Bama! Bama! Maybe Auburn is the Jan Brady of college football?

Little brother is still so jealous and obsessed with big brother than it is not even funny anymore!

AUTiger97 said...

An Alabama fan asked why our rivalry was so bitter..and will it change?? That's too funny.
This was my response:

This rivalry did recently become bitter. I've always hated Alabama, and it happened long before now. And there is nothing that is going to happen that will change that. This all started when Auburn was founded in 1856. Alabama tried everything to get the doors of Auburn closed, even going as far as placing Bama grads on the Auburn Board of Trustees in order to run Auburn into the ground.

Then there is the little matter of The Bear buying all of the players, even though he knew that they would sit on the bench...just to keep them from going to Auburn. It was he that coined the phrase, 'Every time Alabama gets investigated, Auburn goes on probation." He saw to it. He was a hateful, evil man who wasn't in Shug Jordan's league as far as class or character.

Then there is your fans. You have the worst fanbase in America. ..delusional, arrogant, and uneducated. If you go to Webster's, and look up the word, "REDNECK," the definition is Alabama Fans. Your fans have no regard for any other team besides Alabama. They have never given any other team credit, and no team will ever win anything but Alabama. Most of your fans never graduated high school...much less college. Most of them couldn't find their way to Tuscaloosa with a map. Every player that you sign is the next Heisman winner. Every player that you do not sign means that Alabama didn't want them in the first place. Every year you speak of winning the national championship. EVERY YEAR, without fail, you preach the fact to everyone that will listen. After beating MTSU, your fans were ready to claim mythical championship # 432. When Auburn went undefeated, all we heard was that we didn't win the national championship "because we're Auburn." Yet another example of your arrogance and stupidity. Yet you claim a championship in a year when you lost two SEC games and didn't even win the SEC.

Auburn fans cannot even pay for their gas in a convenience store, be waited on by a Bammer fan at a restaurant, pay some Bammer fan to cut their grass...without a sly remark about Auburn. I have simply found myself unable to have a simple conversation with ANY Alabama fan in ANY location without a diatribe of how they'll win every game and nobody is as good as Bama. It is kind of like some "Stepford Wives" club where they must sit in a room and repeat answers until they are memorized. Alabama could be 0-4 in the SEC, like they were in 2000, and 90% of their fanbase would be exclaiming that "Bama was about to turn the corner." And then, as they did in 2000, point out that Bama will still be in the SEC Championship because blank and blank will happen.

Then there's always the comments of "Auburn doesn't have any tradition." You throw that word around like you invented it. You do not have any idea what tradition is. I have news for you. Tradition is much more than winning, and Auburn people are as proud of our traditions as any other school is as proud of theirs. Part of your tradition is that deep down, your fear of Auburn's success has made it necessary for you to do whatever it takes in order to keep Auburn down. And you did it for decades. You dictated who would be on Auburn's Board of Trustees. You dictated where we would play our football game with you. You dictated the tickets..the terms. ...and usually the officials as well. When we wanted to move our home game to Auburn, you cried like spoiled children saying, "Well we just won't play. We never wanted to play Auburn anyway." Ray Perkins said, "It will never happen." Your radio announcers in the 1970's, showed true class by saying, "Auburn takes the field in their purple pj's and pink slippers". Your total lack of regard for our program is what has caused this rivalry to be so bitter.

Only Alabama would go on probation and say, "HOW DARE YOU? DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?" Every other team takes their punishment and moves on....NOT Alabama. It is your divine right to cheat if you want to. You weren't the least bit sorry that you cheated..]just that you got caught. And in true Alabama fashion, you've tried to blame everyone except yourselves...the real problem! Only Alabama would try to get even with the NCAA by scheduling their own bowl game in Hawaii. You've been cheating so long that it is all that you know. Not small scale cheating like giving some steaks out to a player you already have!! I'm talking large scale mafia-like cheating! You have a win at all cost attitude...and you still do..and always will.

And now that Auburn is successful, you simply cannot stand it. You don't have your old cronies on the NCAA anymore to invent some trumped up charges like you did for decades. The new generation isn't as fascinated by the old drunk as the ones before them. This rivalry became more fierce because everything was fine for you as long as you dictated the terms of it. But now that Auburn is on equal footing, it is our fault that it is heated? I don't think so. You can't treat your fellow citizens like that for years and think that there are going to be warm and fuzzy feelings between us. It will never happen.
I despise Alabama..not only the football team and its fans..but everything that the University of Alabama has stood for since it opened. I will never wish anything but MISERY on the University of Alabama

Joe said...

Auburn football: its simple:

It's bitching about how much better Bama is.

You Barners are pretty funny...and pathetic.

Joe said...

Now go find something else to cut and paste Barners. LOL!

Purple said...

One way to deal with Auburn fans who are obsessed with criticizing our NC's is just put the numbers out there. I posted the following information on an Auburn Board just a few days ago:

1920 10-1

1925 10-0 1926 Rose Bowl Beat Washington 20-19.

1926 9-0-1 1927 Rose Bowl Tied Stanford 7-7.

1930 10-0 1931 Rose Bowl beat Washington State 24-0.

1931 9-1

1934 10-0 1935 Rose Bowl beat Stanford 29-13

1936 8-0-1

1945 10-0 1946 Rose Bowl beat Southern California 34-14.

1952 10-2 1953 Orange Bowl beat Syracuse 61-6.

1961 11-0 1962 Sugar Bowl beat Arkansas 10-3.

1962 10-1 1963 Orange Bowl beat Oklahoma 17-0.

1964 10-1

1965 9-1-1 1966 Orange Bowl beat Nebraska 39-28.

1966 11-0 1967 Sugar Bowl beat Nebraska 34-7.

1971 11-1

AUTiger97 said...

Ok I will.
Here is a typical bama fan post that just well...you read.

Look, I'm just an average Joe, a poor working stiff. I can't just drop a dime CrimsonTider904 2006-11-19 22:28:24

and influence events like some of you people. So take this for what it is, the loan voice of Mister Nobody in a sea of has-beens and never-weres.
I'm a lunch-pail kinda guy. I work a dead-end job and look forward to Saturday. On Saturdays, I follow the Tide... have ever since I bounced on Grandpa's knee as he recreated Bama's Rose Bowl victories... the Notre Dame box... Bryant and Hudson ... a grim Frank Thomas pacing the side-lines.

We keep a bit of change in and old Florsheim box in the bedroom closet. Been saving for twelve years for our first vacation. Yes, that's right, our first vacation. I've never even been able to afford to take my wife on a single vacation. The woman who helped me raise our six children has never had so much as a weekend away. And if you don't think that keeps me awake some night... well, you just don't know.

Anyhow... something happened at the end of the game last night that sort of stirred me. The clock was ticking down, and Tubby was looking like he was going to raise that thumb... and from the kitchen I heard my wife say the words that tore my heart out ...

"You recon Bama could use the Florsheim money to get help get a new coach? Those kids deserve better than that."

I choked back a tear and ran to the kitchen and kissed her hard. We held each other tight and all I could think to do was whisper in her ear..

"Roll Tide baby."

"Roll Tide," she whispered back.

It was then that I knew... Shula had to go.

Purple said...


NC's on the Plains...

Alabama Polytechnic Institute...1
Auburn University...............0

"Auburn" has never won a National Championship.

Purple said...

This is Alabama Football:

# It is Wallace Wade. It is Bear Bryant. It is not Bill Curry.
# It is the Rose Bowl.
# It is hearing Keith Jackson call an Alabama game.
# It is watching George Teague running down Lamar Thomas in the 1993 Sugar Bowl then rewinding it and watching it again.
# It is hearing the first notes of Sweet Home Alabama.
# It is the desire to beat Auburn at any competitive event that exists.
# It is a houndstooth hat.
# It is having enough pride to fight for your school but having enough class not to.
# It is cheering the same amount for a first down on second and 6 as on fourth and 1.
# It is watching Cornelius Bennett give Notre Dame quarterback Steve Beuerlein a concussion on that October day in Birmingham in 1986.
# It is determining who you are going to date & marry by which team they swear allegiance to.
# It is watching The Bear on the jumbotron before a game in Bryant-Denny Stadium and almost seeing him leaning against the goalpost in the end zone.
# It is spending a day at The Bryant Museum and still not seeing everything.
# It is cool crisp autumn Saturdays where you can smell football in the air and feel it whenever there is a slight breeze.
# It is watching The Bear get number 315 against Auburn.
# It is watching The Bear get number 323 against Illinois.
# It is hearing Paul Kennedy do the play-by-play when Van Tiffin kicked the 52-yard field goal against Auburn in 1985.
# It is knowing how many days until the start of a season year around.
# It is driving down Colonial Drive to see Bryant-Denny Stadium not the sorority girls.
# It is getting chills up and down your entire body whenever you hear anything about the 1993 Sugar Bowl and the pride you feel because that night tradition ruled.
# It is hearing The Bear's voice and having all the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up because you know no matter he said, it was something special.
# It is hearing The Million Dollar Band play "Yea Alabama" and knowing it just does not get any better.
# It is imagining hearing Penn State Quarterback Chuck Fusina ask Alabama linebacker Barry Krauss "How close is it?" and hearing Krauss say "About an inch, you'd better pass" right before fourth down during The Goal Line Stand in the 1979 Sugar Bowl.
# It is almost coming to tears whenever Alabama loses to Auburn or Tennessee.
# It is The Kick. It is The Goal Line Stand. It is The Desperation Block.
# It is purposely not wearing any clothes with the colors orange and blue.
# It is the Third Saturday in October.
# It is not needing an alarm clock on game days, you sit bolt upright in the bed long before the alarm goes off because you know that it is a gameday, you can sleep after the bowl game.
# It is walking into a stadium and knowing Alabama will win the game no matter who they are playing because is just the way it is supposed to be.
# It is the saying "Offense wins games, Defense wins national titles."
# It is the Bear Bryant 'A'.
# It is getting to the stadium hours before the game just to be there.
# It is walking into another team's stadium and having those fans hate you because you are from Alabama.
# It is the pride that a father has when he brings his children to a game so they may cherish the tradition.
# It is beating LSU in Baton Rouge.
# It is hearing the crunch as a linebacker dressed in crimson and white hits a running back dressed in orange and blue.
# It is the pride you take in being every team's rival.
# It is pulling for any team that is playing Auburn.
# It is pulling for any team that is playing Tennessee.
# It is hoping for the stadium to blow up when Auburn plays Tennessee.
# It is knowing that the SEC Championship is a birthright.
# It is being respected and feared at the same time.
# It is holding up four fingers at the end of the third quarter.
# It is knowing what "Mama Called" means.
# It is whipping Auburn 31-7 in Jordan-Hare Stadium when nobody picked you to win.
# It is NOT "The Jungle"
# It is having 21 Southeastern Conference Titles.
# It is having 12 National Titles.
# It is more than I can ever mentioned in this list.
# It is class.
# It is tradition.
# It is Alabama Football.

Purple said...


Alabama's football program was honored by Lindy's Southeastern Football 2000 when the Crimson Tide was selected as that magazine's SEC "Program of the Century" and the 1979 squad was selected "Team of the Century".

In addition, Bama's 1966 team was chosen the century's No. 3 team and the 1925 and 1992 teams were tied for fifth place.

Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant was Coach of the Century and Don Hutson, Ozzie Newsome, John Hannah, Billy Neighbors, Lee Roy Jordan, Cornelius Bennett and Antonio Langham were first-team, All-Century selections. Landing on the second team were Dwight Stephenson, Marty Lyons, Derrick Thomas and Don McNeal.

Jimmy Hyams, writing for Lindy's, said the 1979 team was "the best of Paul Bryant's teams - which is really saying something, considering "The Bear" won six national championships in his quarter century at Alabama. The '79 team rolled to a 12-0 record behind a balanced attack that closed out its national championship season with a 24-9 victory over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl. The Tide shutout five of its opponents during the 1979 season and outscored foes by a combined 300 points. In fact, the Crimson Tide never allowed an opponent to score more than 18 points during a single game.

Hyams went on to write that "you could argue that Alabama isn't just the program of the century in the SEC, but in all of college football. The Crimson Tide claims 12 national championships. It has played and won more bowl games than any college team. It has won 21 SEC championships, eight more than any other team. You can thank "Bear" for much of the Crimson Tide's success."

The Tide '66 team didn't win a national title, but should have, Hyams wrote. Bama allowed just 44 points in 11 games that season.

The '25 team was the first southern team to play in the Rose Bowl as the Tide went 10-0 and won a national championship.

Under Gene Stallings in 1992, the Centennial of Alabama football, Alabama went 13-0, won the first-ever SEC Championship game and then beat Miami in the Sugar Bowl to ice the unanimous national championship. That team led the nation in rushing defense, allowing just 55 yards per game on the ground.