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Friday, May 04, 2007

Worst Sportscast Ever

Ok, you've probably all seen the infamous "Boom Goes the Dynamite" sportscast by some college kid on the air at the campus station for the first time...

Well, screwing around online tonight, I stumbled across the clip below of a sportscaster named Matt Lorch and, well, it's right up there. Apparently, it's a couple years old but it's only recently made its way to the Internet. Everything that could go wrong did.

So, which one is worse? Vote below or leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Which sportscast is worse?
Boom Goes the Dynamite
Matt Lorch
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Ryan said...

the part where 'boom goes the dynomite' mouths "i'm so sorry" to the crew is just priceless

Jason said...

See it has to be boom goes the dynamite because it wasn't really Matt Lorch's fault here. He had NOTHING to work with and the crew really jobbed him lol

DanteJones said...

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Can't fault Lorch for being surrounded by a bunch of autistic six year olds in production.

IC said...

Good God that stuff is hilarious! No matter how many times I see "Boom", it still manages to get me tearing up in cringe inducing laughter.

I agree with Jason that Boom is worse, because the myriad technical difficulties do not seem to be Matt Lorch's fault. I suspect that the handsome Lorch had some kind of in-studio nemesis who was trying to make him look bad by causing so many on-air screwups. That noted, Lorch does deserve a few brisk kicks in the nuts for announcing scores with the losing team first (ex. "final score was 54 to 61.")

Ryan, the "I'm so sorry" is among the most hilariously sad things I've ever seen. However, my favorite part of this legendary clip is when Boom says, "..and..he's passes it to the man..."

Out of Conference said...

What- no "WOO" 'cause the Cocks are up 15-11 on UNLV in the Boom video?

cvillebuck said...

it's gotta be dynamite boy. Lorch seemed like he had atleast been in front of a camera once or twice. Watching 'boom goes the dynamite' was so bad even I was getting embarrassed.

beast in 'bama said...

You gotta guard Merv! You gotta guard Merv! But you REALLY GOTTA BLOCK OUT MERV!! Hilarious.

Poor old Boom is worse, but the Lorch disaster is much, much funnier.

Thank you, Yost. I needed a good laugh today.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Lorch was a team debacle.

For individual performance, you can only go Boom