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Friday, May 25, 2007

Welcome to the blogosphere!

We'd like to welcome two new sites to the wonderful world of tossing your life down a suckhole of procrastination blogging. A world in which your job may actually be put in jeopardy from this bullshit hot babes will throw themselves at you constantly because what hotties don't dig dudes who put up snarky comments each day?

First up is RamblingRaiders.blogspot.com, a new Texas Tech site. The guys behind the site said they were inspired by the MZone to start their blog. Thus, for ruining their lives, we sincerely apologize.

Next, check out new U-M hoops site mbasketblog.blogspot.com. Now, in this instance, we have no idea what inspired MZone reader Jack to start a blog devoted to the pain and suffering that is the Michigan basketball team. We can only assume Jack has talked to his doctor and is receiving the appropriate medical treatment at this time.

Best of luck with the new sites, gentlemen.


Johnny said...

You guys will learn to love basketball again with Beilein as your coach. It might take a year, but not much longer.

Bond J. Bond said...

Thanks for the bit - we're having some fun - but it's early....

DanteJones said...

Thanks for the linkage.

I am seeking help.

AND, my ability to accomplish anything at work has severely decreased, I'm totally swamped.