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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

They're selling what?!

In the "Oops" category, we pass along this head shaker from Bruins Nation...

In June, UCLA is having its "True Blue Celebration," the athletic department's largest fundraising event at which they have over 500 silent auction items up for grabs. Many of those items are Bruins-related memorabilia. Well, except for one glaring item:

An autographed Matt Leinart Arizona Cardinals jersey.

Needless to say, the folks at Bruins Nation were more than a little aghast to learn that the jersey of the former star QB of their hated crosstown rival was being used to raise money for the Bruin athletic department. This would be akin to Michigan raising money for the its athletic department by hawking a Troy Smith jersey. Not good.

So the folks at BN urged their readers to call/email/burn in effigy the folks behind this college football faux pas. And it worked. The offending item has been removed.

According to sources close to the situation, the next offending item Bruins Nation is attempting to have removed from the UCLA campus is head coach Karl Dorrell.


Primo said...

I don't know what's more embarrassing: That the UCLA folks couldn't figure this out ahead of time, or that Nestor feels he's empowered all of a sudden to lead the most ridiculous, vile group of college football fans anywhere (i.e. readers of his site) to action.


The knock on Dorrell is hilarious--I think USC fans would pay for his contract extension, December 2006 notwithstanding.

Jim Harbaugh Scramble said...

the joke on dorrell was awesome.

keep up the good work boys.

Jason said...

Why wouldn't someone buy it and then burn it...

I think that that would be money well spent :-D