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Monday, May 21, 2007

Quick Hockey Post

To all our MZone readers who also happen to be Red Wing hockey fans like yours truly, allow me to put up this brief post sharing my feelings on yesterday's 2-1 OT loss to the Ducks in game 5 (in which the Ducks tied the game with just :46 seconds to go in regulation).


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BK said...

The final score was actually 2-1, but I share your sentiments.

TitleIX said...


Yost said...

oops, my bad, bk. Just fixed it. So damn pissed, I couldn't even get the score right.

cs2766 said...

Good job, Ducks! I can't stand Detroit anymore. The Red Wings are at the same level of the Yankees, Notre Dame, and Dallas Cowboys. That is, pure sports evil. They bullied other teams for the last 15 years by outspending them. I give them credit for winning consistently, but I enjoy watching Detroit choke every year. Yesterday was terrific. You want to play that style of boring hockey, you deserve to lose. Have some guts and open it up. Isn't half of the Red Wings up for Social Security next year? Go Ducks!

Wolverindy said...

Quite simply, cs2766 is an uninformed ass. The Wings have THREE free agents who see any ice time: Hasek, Lang, and Markov. Everyone else was either drafted or acquired via trade. Did Detroit get the better of Chicago in the Chelios trade? You betcha, but that's what well-run clubs do.
And going all the way back to the Cup-winning teams of the 90's, those teams were filled with Russian and Canadian DRAFT PICKS. They acquired Shanny by trading Primeau. They got Murphy off the trash heap when nobody else wanted him.
The only thing the Red Wings were "guilty" of was HOLDING ONTO superstars that they DRAFTED instead of letting them go make the same money somewhere else. So is it just that you're jealous that Detroit's owner was willing to pay the price to keep a great team together? And wouldn't every sports fan give their left nut to have an owner have that kind of commitment to his team?
Illitch is COMPLETELY different than Steinbrenner. Illitch didn't go out and try to assemble a team of free agents. He merely kept a team together that was formed via the draft. HUGE DIFFERENCE!!
And since when is a puck-possession style BORING????
Jesus, do you even know anything about hockey?

ohio_guy said...

it was a great game to watch

MGoBlue93 said...

Thanks WI... cs2766 is a mouth breathing idiot... the Wings have finished first in the conference in the last two years... in the salary cap era... so just how the fuck do the Wings buy stuff?

Yost's rant reminds me of George Carlin's all sports cheer... "rat shit bat shit dirty ol twat, 69 assholes tied in a knot, hurray, lizard-shit, fuck!!!"

Becky said...

brilliantly stated. ugh.

ohio_guy said...

good thing the Ducks won.

now I don't have to root for a Canadian team....