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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Actually, the t-shirt is probably worth more

The Onion, the online humor site by which all others are judged, had this dandy up earlier in the week:

Ohio State Uses T-Shirt Blaster To Pass Out Diplomas

In response, The Onion's staff has been flooded with emails from Tosu fans reading, "Tressel OWNS The Onion!," "What kind of food does Tressel eat? Onions, bitches!," and, of course, "Fuck The Onion!"

(HT: JF and SH)



Hmmmm... the so-called "Unaversdi of Ayallerbayammer" uses a copy machine and public drops.

But they're going to email soon. (You still have to write your name on it, and your major, too, if you had one.)

CapstoneAlum said...

Are you aware of how big an asshole you are? I shouldn't even ask, because your profile answers that question.

CapstoneAlum said...

Looking at the time you published that remark (4:37 am) also leads me to believe that you 1)have access to the computers in the office you clean, once the folks working there leave or 2)have no social skills, so you post on blogs at night.

Buck said...

Me thinks Capston has several body parts that are wound just a tad too tightly. Why so much anger? Too much caffeine? Try Sanka.

Lighten up dude.

MGoBlue93 said...

No story; just the photo?

Cowbell Commander said...

Photoshop + making fun of buckeyes = great posting. What more do you need?

MGoBlue93 said...

rapier wit? well... at least until ohio_guy comes around with his tired rant that Michigan is obsessed with tOSU.