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Friday, May 18, 2007

Now THIS is a Red Wings fan

I've watched the clip below probably five times now and I still laugh each time.

So here's the story: A Dearborn, Michigan cop apparently stole marijuana from suspects and then decided to make pot brownies with the wacky weed for himself and his wife. But, when they ate them, the pair thought they overdosed and were dying...so the cop called 911.

And what do the Red Wings have to do with all this? Just listen...


Out of Conference said...

This is funny stuff.

zen wizard said...

Salvidor Dali should have painted the Red Wings in a tie game. That is apparently some very surreal stuff.

katherine said...

That was absolutely hysterical. First of all, it's virtually impossible to OD on mary jane, someone should've told Sanchez that. Well, I've never had the brownies, but they supposedly take a while to start kickin in and but once they do, it last for hours. Longer than any smoked high. Can't say for sure but they were prolly like that for like hours but it felt like a day ("everything is moving really really slow"). But yeah, not from personal experience or anything like that. Hugs not drugs. Up with hope, down with dope. Oh and, drugs are retarded, so don't get started. (that one's not exactly PC, sorry).