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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MZone Invades MySpace

Who says we're not hip here at the MZone?

In an effort to reach more potential online procrastinators and view some of the links our readers send us (as well as make myself more accessible to all the ladies who just can't get enough of blogging studs such as Benny and me), I, your humble correspondent, signed up for MySpace.com the other day.

Currently, however, I could be the biggest loser in the history of the site since I only have one friend and it's "Tom," the founder guy who everybody gets as their first friend when they sign up for an account. I'm sure that's just because the babes don't know where to find me...yet.

So check out the new center of hipness on the Interweb:


Ok, off to meet hot ladies and do whatever the kids are doing these days on that there MySpace.

UPDATE: I already have some new friends! So suck it, "Tom." You're now just one of many. Question for you MySpace experts: How do I get my MySpace URL (myspace.com/gotyost) to show up on my profile page like everybody else's does?


steve g said...

I think there needs to be an MZone Facebook as well. If only because I don't use Myspace.

Andy said...

I found this link and thought of your blog: http://www.withleather.com/post.phtml?pk=2875

zen wizard said...

Well, I don't know about the URL profile, but if you try to pick up fifteen-year-old girls on MySpace, Chris Hansen will help you get that on your Criminal profile.