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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MZone Caption Contest: Mangino vs. Weis

We couldn't resist, folks. And thus, another MZone Caption Contest was born. Here's what we came up with:

In addition to banning text messaging, the NCAA has vowed to next crack down on baby eating after this picture was leaked to the Associated Press.

Leave us your best in the comments seciton.


Jeff Miller said...

Get in my Belly

Play Tusk! said...

Charlie hasnt drooled this much since Brady Quinn was last on campus...

Mike said...

The sad thing is, everyone in that picture is wearing a diaper.

Out of Conference said...

Weis: Mangino, here, you take Brady. Apparently he's not the second coming that we thought he was going to be. Shit, how the hell was I supposed to know that beating ranked opponents meant something and that would hurt little Brady on draft day. I was used to the NFL playoff system where even a shitty record can get you a ticket to the post-season. I've lost my taste for him. You take him. Who's that you have there? Now that's a dim sum, bioootch!

MrMoses said...

Coaches Mangino and Weis proudly display the new NCAA licenced "fun size" snack babies at the 2007 coaches meetings.

Sundawg said...

Weis: I don't give a shit what you say, they're easier to catch than a football, yes, but try punting one of the fuckers. I say this is a VERY BAD IDEA.

Mangino: But I bought 300 of 'em on ebay

mookie said...

WEIS thinking:"The things you got to do to get Brady Quinn drafted!"

Mangino thinking: "The things you got to do to get on The Biggest Loser."

Mike said...

This business of getting recruits to commit earlier and earlier is getting out of hand.

J said...

Consummate coaches, Mark Mangino and Charlie Weis, provide guidance even in the off season. Seen here demonstrating the proper handling technique for "moob" feeding new born babies, the two provide a week long instructional camp for the big boned at their Men of Measure Mid-Spring Retreat. Other sessions for the day included "Cameras in the Digital Age - Seeing Your Willy Again" and "Storing Playbooks - Making the Most of Your fupa".

Out of Conference said...

J - funny as shit man, funny as shit!

god of the whoppers said...

what about toledo's head coach, tom amstutz? he has been crying so much since "God"-kowski(as we refer to him at UT) was drafted, he has lost nearly 50 lbs. when we beat them this year (06), everyone wanted them to have a sumo match on the rocket after the game.


dude, if this ever gets out, just hide under my hoodie, they'll never suspect.