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Thursday, May 24, 2007

MZone Caption Contest - Aggie Style

We know Texas A&M has a number of traditions. The 12th Man. The Yell Squad. The ball squeezing. And, as shown below, the Dog Walk.

As such, we think this warrants an MZone Caption Contest. Here's our stab at it:

Dammit. I think I stepped in dog shit.

Leave us your best in the comments section.

(HT: DW)


Scraper said...

"When a cadet wants to spend some "time" with his "date", the other cadets are always willing to provide some privacy."

beast in 'bama said...

Dog Ball Squeezing! Gig 'Em!

Edgar said...

I feel sorry for the dog. No mammal should have to put up with that.

bamafaninLA said...

Reveille VII is the only member of the Corps of Cadets to ever have sex.

Mike said...

Why must every A&M tradition have homosexual overtones?

Out of Conference said...

Sit Ubu, sit. Not on my fucking shoe, asswipe! I just spent 8 hours polishing it!

Doug said...

TAMU: Where even taking the dog for a walk involves spooning.

TitleIX said...

That Lassie bitch is NOT getting away!!!

Richard Cranium said...

Puddles the Dog always knew they had initiation rituals but this was not cool. No one was going to whip their dick out without getting a couple of teeth marks in the process.

Sundawg said...

Sergeant at top of picture: “No, dumbasses, a Daisy Chain means you get in a circle, not a box. And whose fucking dog is that, anyway?”

Willie In KC said...

Listen up Bitches...drunken sex with one cadet and this is the litter of puupys you get!

Brian said...

Apparently, Mike Vick is going to have to look elsewhere for a new dog.

OnWisconsin! said...

Sorry not a headline but when I was in flight school in the army there was another pilot from Texas A&M that lived a few doors down in the BOQ. He was angry, overly macho, and kind of socially awkward. Not a bad person but a pain in the ass to be around. All this weirdo A&M stuff that you guys put on here really explains a lot....

Pork Chop U said...

"No, Cadet Jones. A photo of a 29 man dick-to-balloon-knot daisy chain does not make a good recruiting poster."

Mike said...

"Woof Woof"

"What's that Lassie? Timmy is caught in a box of queers?"

Out of Conference said...

Mike - you owe me for a new monitor and keyboard. Thanks to your comment, mine now has tea splashes all over them. Well done, man, well done.

El Pendejo Grande said...

Just a routine stroll through an open air market in College Station. Texas. It's like a whole other country.

(Not pictured: 100 actual soldiers, three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships overhead.)

Jeremy said...

"No, Ohio State Fans, you are suppose to dot the 'i', not the 'O'!"

Roll Tide!

JD said...

Sanjaggie, this year's winner of the Aggie Idol contest, is escorted to the center of Kyle Field by the other AI contestants. Sanjaggie and Reveille VII will together perform Sanjaggie's AI contest-winning song, "Squeeze the Fruit."

bdavisnatl said...

After losing their twister spinner, Cadets came up with a new idea. The results were always the same however...Right Ball Red, Left Ball Blue.

Brent said...

Texas A&M's 2000 strong Corps of Cadets is lead by a three star general and provides MORE commissioned officers to the United States Armed Forces than any other school outside of the service academies. In fact, A&M was established as a senior military college and is still considered to be so under federal law. A&M's Corps of Cadets has also produced 7 Medal of Honor Winners and over 225 and generals and admirals. Aggies have served in the armed forces in every war and conflict since the Spanish American War including the present day Iraqi War. There have have been thousands of cadets from the Corps at A&M who have died including many who have died recently in Iraq. It is sad to see that their ultimate sacrifice is being slammed. This "sqeeze" tradition is rarely, if ever, seen and I in fact have never done this or heard of it. It is indeed silly looking; however, THE IGNORANT COMMENTS FROM TEXAS FANS IN RESPONSE TO THE CLIP ARE ERRONEOUS AND HURTFUL TO THE THOUSANDS OF AGGIES WHO CURRENTLY SERVE THIS NATION. As someone who is in the process of contracting with the US Army and on behalf of the thousands of cadets from A&M who have died serving America, I would appreciate it if those who made such horrid and uneducated comments educate yourself in some history and accept how your ridiculous and ignorant words hurt Aggie soldiers and their families.

Check this clip out if your at all curious of A&M's valiant and impressive military involvement.

If you are a bit more curious, ask George Bush why he built his Presidential Library at Texas A&M. Or ask the current Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who was the recent president of A&M, about the crucial importance that A&M serves in this great country's military.

"The men of Texas A&M can stand up to any men in the world and compare favorably their education and training for leadership -- leadership in the pursuits of peace, and if it comes to war, leadership in battle."

--Gen. Omar Bradley, 1950

"No more convincing testimony could be given to the manner in which the men of Texas A&M lived up to the ideals and principles inculcated in their days on the campus than the simple statement that the Congressional Medal of Honor has been awarded to six former students, that 46 took part in the heroic defense of Bataan and Corregidor, and that nearly 700 are on the list of our battle dead."

--Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1946

"When their country calls, Texas Aggies go to war. From the
Spanish-American War and World War I to Operation Iraqi
Freedom, Aggies have been in the forefront of America's armed
forces, producing MORE officers than any other school outside the
service academies. More than 20,000 Texas Aggies served in
World War II, for instance, including more than 14,000 as
commissioned officers. Trained in leadership and the knowledge
required for warfare, Aggies have served with distinction in all
branches of the military service." President George H. W. Bush