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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Little Help

The other day I happened to look up and catch part of an ESPN commercial on TV for America's favorite show - The Herd with Colin "Schrutebag" Cowherd. In it, some guy gets parking ticket after parking today because our buddy Colin is so damn good on the radio, he simply couldn't get out of the car to put money in the meter lest he miss a single sentence of Colin's witty banter.

In any event, was looking online today for a clip of the commercial but, alas, failed. Anybody know where I can find it?

P.S. In searching for the video, I came across a number of blog posts about Cowherd talking smack about Keith Olbermann and Olbermann's response. Interesting.

(Pic via Sports by Brooks)


WhetstoneBuck said...

Cowherd and Olbermann. Why am I seeing Jim Carey using his butt to talk to himself in a mirror?

Masked Avenger said...

Unbelievable, you found someone who is more annoying than Cowherd. Who would have thought it was possible?

MGoBlue93 said...

I'll stick up for Keith O. Whether it is news or sports, he makes pretty consistent and cogent points. He doesn't have a loyalty to one side; whereas CNN = democrats and FOX = Republicans. As far as his sports knowledge goes, it's second to none. The guy is a walking almanac of anything to do with sports.

Perhaps Colin is jealous:
KO = educated
CC = directional university drop out

KO = National TV and radio personality
CC = niche radio show

KO = plank owner of CNN
CC = called games for the AAA club in Vegas

I heard a recording of KO asking who Colin Cowherd is when presented with a recording of Schrutebag calling him out... I think KO asking who Colin is over and over again was his attempt at saying CC is irrelevant without saying as much.

But since KO puts thought into what he says, that appeals to the lowest common denominator. It seems as if Nancy Grace or Bill Oreilly aren't yelling at their guests, the finance show people aren't running around like the guy is the question mark suit on selling books on government programs, or Stuart Scott isn't saying booyah every other word, then the public doesn't want to hear it. Those folks think they are entertainers and to be successful, the louder and more inflammatory you are, the better. Substance be damned.

Masked Avenger said...

Is Keith smart? Seems to be. Is he objective? Nope. Is he pompous? Yes. Arrogant? Yes. Annoying? Yes.

His Walter Cronkite wannabe diatribe was pathetic. Here is a man who has dismal cable ratings pontificating to an admittedly unpopular President about an admittedly unpopular war. But if you are going to speak for the nation, perhaps, just perhaps you should be relevant enough that the President or any one else for that matter cares.

Kirbdaddy said...

They are BOTH raging DOUCHEBAGS!!!

Chuck said...

Doesn't the end of Cowherd's nose look like a penis? Literally, a dicknose?