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Friday, May 25, 2007

I guess it's a start

Yesterday, we put up a post about a new development in Tuscaloosa called Houndstooth Condominiums targeted at 'Bama fans. We were appalled that one of the "selling points" to potential buyers was a claim that the complex was close enough to the football stadium that one could spit on opposing coaches and "chunk" food items at opposing fans.

Well, as Nico at RollBamaRoll first told us in an email, the folks behind the project were getting a lot of complaints and said they would update the site, removing the remarks in question. Which they did.

Sort of.

Because while the "hilarious" stuff is gone from the initial "The Location" link on the site, it's still littered throughout on the banners across the top of other links. For example, click on "Floor Plans & Availability" and you're greeted with this rib tickler:

For cryin' out loud, if you're going to do hack material that's been in every inbox in America 15 times (just with the names of the schools changed depending who's sending it), at least tell the fucking joke correctly! The set up is "What do you get when you have..." not "What do you call..."

And clicking on "Homeowners Association" brings up this previously alluded to sales pitch:

Now, as others pointed out and we thought ourselves, we're not sure how you "chunk" a corndog. But if you can't get the 32 teeth thing right, why quibble here, I guess.

So, yes, the folks behind the site did take some of the stuff down. But the bigger question is, who would buy a home from people that use poorly told, stale juvenile jokes and fan misbehavior as selling points which actually casts the very fan base they're targeting in a negative light? Gonna be interesting to see if this hound hunts, so to speak, and the project actually gets off the ground.


beast in 'bama said...

Alright Yost, here's your Speakin' Southern 101 lesson for the day:

Chunk (cha - unck): to throw; the act of throwing an object, e.g., amalgamated meat products, at another person or object.

An example from baseball: "'At boy can really chunk the rock."

Therefore, when "chunking" a corndog at Les Miles, you aim REALLY high in hopes of knocking that stupid hat off his head.


must be the offseason.

Out of Conference said...

I think they're targeting the fans (such as the one meeting Saban at the airport to get his man-boob signed) that have just won the lottery and don't have any more room in their Crimson Tide room in their own house for any more Bama stuff. In which case, the ads are right on.

Things wil get desperate for the developers, however, when not enough people win the lottery. Before they start dropping their prices, they'll put a Cash-for-Tiltle Check Cashing office in the lobby for financing on the spot.

beast in 'bama said...

OOC - A lottery in Alabama? Get real. That might benefit education. Can't have that...

CapstoneGrad06 said...

I would like to thank M Zone for pointing this childish material out. As an Alabama fan, I was appalled and embarrassed by the language used, not to mention the acts they encouraged. The condo itself was a great idea, many of them are popping up in and around Tuscaloosa, but who in their right mind thought these marketing ideas would fly? I checked the website over again, and it looks as of they finally removed all of the material.

Yost said...


Just checked, it's still on the two banners mentioned in the post.


It's too bad that Bammer homers like capstonegrad06 are trying to distance themselves from the "Big Money" Bammer boosters...

But... it's inevitable... let the infamous Bammer "circular firing squad" reconvene...


From dictionary.com:

–verb (used with object) South Midland and Southern U.S.
1. to toss or throw; chuck: chunking pebbles at the barn door.
2. to make or rekindle (a fire) by adding wood, coal, etc., or by stoking (sometimes followed by up).

Erik said...

This is the mentality I deal with on a daily basis. I'm glad a third party such as M-Zone gets to witness the insanity that we Alabamians take for granted on a daily basis. Sometimes, we can't see the forest for the trees.

By the way, People that would purchase a condo called "The Houndstooth" certainly can't afford it. Manufactured housing is a strech for their ilk. They will, however buy paintings like this!