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Monday, May 21, 2007

How did we miss this?

Was procrastinating on YouTube and stumbled across the clip below of Nick Lachey doing a spot for ABC about Michigan's fight song, The Victors.

And I think I speak for all college football fans in saying who better to enlighten us about storied tradtions of the sport than Nick Lachey.


PrivateHops said...

Wait, they didn't get shot?

WhetstoneBuck said...

Well, that ruined a perfectly good Monday. Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Talk about your sublime to the ridiculous. Jessi the Flexi to The Victors? Ack!

Yeah, why didn't they get popped at the Shoe?

Go Blue Gabe said...

I remember watching that live and thinking that surely they were airlifted out of there afterwards.

One Man Gang said...

Good Lord, he almost stepped on the M.

katherine said...

Yeah one man gang...too close for comfort there.

The Penalty Kill said...

I didn't hear him say CSer, MFer, fornicator or masturbator once. Is it possible that I don't know the real words?

ohio_guy said...

I wish he would have stepped on the M

That way you guys would know what we felt like when he sang your song at the top of our stadium.......in a game that had nothing to do with Michigan

bigbluedaddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bigbluedaddy said...

''ohio guy'' is lachey's girlfriend... F*CK THE BUCKS!!!!

John said...

lachey is a cincinnati bearcats fan all the way, he doesn't care about UM or tOSU