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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Off for Memorial Day

Back tomorrow.

Benny & Yost


KatieG said...

with all due respect to an otherwise wonderful blog....asking every to have a "fantastic holiday" on a day called "Memorial Day" - on a day when we have hundreds of thousands of American men and women fighting wars across the globe, wars of questionable necessity on certain fronts - on a day when mothers, fathers, wives, and children across this country are learning to cope with the loss or injury of their beloved family - on a day we remember the sacrifice that most of us never imagine having to give for our country - it doesn't seem very appropriate to call it a "fantastic holiday"

there's not much "fantastic" about remembering and living with the realities and loss of war.

Yost said...


While I understand your point (and even updated the post), I think you're reading too much into a post that was put up in the wee hours of the night simply as a place holder to let folks know we were taking the day off.

Furthermore, while Benny and I have strong views and opinions on the more serious issues of the world, we purposely try to avoid them here on the site.

MGoBlue93 said...

Katie... I'm a vet. There was nothing wrong with what Yost posted.

Andy said...

For what it is worth, I am having a fantastic holiday. I am a proud former Marine officer and despite the challenges and divisions we now face as a country, I am very happy that we take the time to remember.

Political correctness aside -- Remembering is the whole point of the day.

I think it is fantastic that we have a special time to remember the sacrifices of vets like Michigan’s own George H. Cannon who won the Congressional Medal of Honor in World War II. I think it is fantastic that we have a special day for my Father's buddies, who fought with him in Vietnam and did not come back. I think it is fantastic we remember my old Michigan NROTC classmate Kevin Nave, who died in Iraq in 2003.

While war is the exact opposite of fantastic, taking time to remember those men and women who died is.

Out of Conference said...

I think it's fantastic that each of the posters on here have a very personal reason to feel the way they do about Memorial Day. That passion about how best to remember those that have fallen in battle makes me proud. I can't tell you how disgusted I get when I see a newspaper ad or a tv commerical for a Memorial Day sale.
While I never served in the Armed Forces, I have a feeling that those that gave their life for the Country, did so partly so that folks like me may enjoy life to the fullest.

MGoBlue93 said...

Hear hear OOC... personally, with folks like Ann Coulter and Rosie spewing their vitriol out there, the Memorial Day sales don't bug me that much.

My peers give me grief daily for being an idealist but perhaps, just perhaps, if everyone valued some form of service, this country wouldn't be as polarized.

I don't care what one's political persuasion is but whether it's the DoD, the Peace Corps, the Salvation Army, their local community, etc... if folks just got involved that would be half the battle.

TitleIX said...

And here's to WolverMarine--whereever he is!