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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going To That Bowl Would Be Worse Than Showering At Roady's

The Humanitarian Bowl is no more. Well, at least the name is no more. The game which is really only known for being played on the blue turf of Boise State will now be known as Roday's Humanitarian Bowl.

For those of you who aren't long-haul truckers, Roady's is the nation's largest chain of truck stops with over 350 locations in 45 states. As someone who's traveled via the Interstate stystem to a majority of the states, I can't remember ever seeing a Roady's. That might be because Roady's didn't exist until five months ago when Great Savings Network and TruckStops Direct merged. They are, at least, located in Idaho, so that makes the sponsorship only about a 98 on the annoyance level instead of a full 100.

Actually I'm probably being too hard on the bowl sponsorship. It's quite appropriate for this game. Because playing in Boise in late December in a meaningless bowl game, with the only goal being to avoid a losing season, is probably as harsh of a fate as being stuck at a Roady's in the middle of the night with no shower shoes.

1 comment:

Out of Conference said...

I thought a Roady was a freshly cracked open can of beer you take with you from the bar at the end of the night for the ride home. Or, if you're in the gutter, a roady was the short, less rude form of the term to describe a female companion on a long trip.

I'd like to think that a bowl game in Boise is brought to you by a bunch of freshly opened beers for the ride home or a group of willing women instead of truck stops.