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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Down The Stretch They Come

Despite concentrating on college football, we here at the MZone have touched on just about every other sport. Hell, we even spent about a week talking about soccer last summer.

So with the Kentucky Derby coming up this weekend, we thought we'd give the MZone perspective. We can't focus on our specialty, though, since there are no cheerleaders in horse racing. And we're not going to talk about the jockeys since we know nothing about them.

So what do we have left? How about the names of the horses. There are 20 entires in the field at Churchill Downs. But for college football fans, one name stands out.

That would be the horse out of the #18 spot, Any Given Saturday. Now as Michigan fans, the name of that horse sounds like an excuse when our Wolverines stumble against someone like Illinois or Michigan State. But the name is just too apropos for our favorite sport. And since the odds are 12-1, they're long enough to make for a nice payday while not being so long as to be impossible.

Of course if I was choosing strictly by names, I might have to go with the #5 horse, a 50-1 shot named Imawildandcrazyguy.


Out of Conference said...

So, are we collecting money to put on Any Given Saturday, or what?!?

Just don't ask Tony Soprano to join our bet. Dude's in a bad stretch right now and someone will get whacked over it.

Yost said...

LOL re: Tony, OOC!

zen wizard said...

Dan Aykroyd tips the scales at--what, 210 pounds, nowadays?

So any horse he jockeys would have to have a name like, "Masochist," "Last Place," "Chiropractor's Dream," etc.

ohio_guy said...

"the most exciting two minutes in sports"

I guess I could agree with that.

Think we might finally get a triple crown winner?