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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Don't fuck with porcupines

This is a prime example of something that has nothing to do with college football but I just had to pass along. Because when I saw the pictures below, I was both horrified and amazed.

Below is a reminder of what happens when a pit bull decides to pick a fight with a porcupine...

Allegedly, the dog was stuck with thousands of quills and its tongue was so covered, it couldn't close its mouth. After some lengthy vet visits, the dog apparently survived to fight another day (but probably not with porcupines).

Boy oh boy, there must be one bald-ass porcupine walking around somewhere with a hell of a story it's telling its porcupine buddies. "You got attacked by a gopher? Ha. Blow me. Listen to this. So I'm out minding my own business the other day when this fucking pit bull comes at me. What? Yes, I said pit bull. And this little punk ass bitch starts getting all up in my shit. So I..."

Ed. Note: Being frequent users of Photoshop to create something that isn't, I went searching on the Internet to check the veracity of this story before putting it up. And according to Snopes.com (an excellent source to use when replying to clueless coworkers who send you a chain emails about some absolutely incredible news story that, for some reason, is only circulating in chain emails), it's true.

1 comment:

Out of Conference said...

Bet the vet was in kevlar body suit when he started pulling the quills out?