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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A clever take on the Michigan blogosphere

Friend of the MZone and fellow blogger, Dave, at Maize n Brew put up a very funny and clever post yesterday in which matched the plethora of Michigan blogs to current Michigan players (and coaches).

So, where did the MZone end up on the blog-to-player roster? Well...

DT Terrence Taylor - Big. Nasty. Damn, damn good. The Anchor of the Michigan defensive line this season. Had Branch stuck around, The M Zone would be Branch, but he's gone, so Taylor it is. Vicious and funny. Capable of moving like lightning to pummel any unwitting commentator dumb enough to cross them, the guys at M Zone are the first line of defense when people cross the Michigan fan base. Like Taylor, who obviously has never missed a buffet in his life, they're not afraid to indulge in the simpler pleasures of life from time to time. Whether it's beer bong Friday or the Coed BCS, the M Zone will put on their bib and dive right into the irreverence buffet face first. Just keep in mind, no matter how nice and cuddly they seem at the buffet table, the second football season starts they'll trample their own grandmothers to get at your quarterback.

Be sure to check out the rest of Dave's post at the link above. Really good stuff.


MGoBlue93 said...

Speaking of Coed BCS... when is the next vote... the last vote was Cardinal v Rocky Top right?

Cameron said...

I love TT, but damn he is in Ricks every time I go there