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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Changing Their Green And White - Again

Our good friends from East Lansing will have more than a new head coach this fall. Apparently, Sparty is changing their uniforms for about the 467th time in the past 20 years.

The press release that accompanied the announcement said all the same things press releases say when teams alter their unis: they're made of better material, will have a better fit, blah, blah, blah. It also says the new duds incorporate the heritage of Spartan football, which probably means the collars are going to be nice and tight.

Unfortunately, the article linked above didn't have any pictures, and the ones at the official Sparty site are pretty small. So the MZone investigative team got to work to try to find a large enough picture for our readers and, with the help of Insomniac's Lounge (via Conquest Chronicles), we obtained the one below.

Gee, the new look sure seems to sum up MSU football pefectly - right down to the skirt and panties:

Ed. Note: It took everything in our power not to also make this an MSU-themed Caption Contest.


harry hasselhoff said...

A little off topic, but you guys really need to do something about those Ohio State Ringtone ads that are running along the right side of the page.

Then again, with all the OSU trolls on this blog, perhaps it's a brilliant marketing strategy...

zen wizard said...

Since they were upgrading already, couldn't they have come up with some sort of ass-crack repellent, bunch-free material?

steve g said...

She did get knocked out like Stanton, though.

Rex Cramer said...

Need more photos like this.

MGoBlue93 said...

At least the green is on the outside of her panties???

Kirbdaddy said...

They still look like ASS!!!

Kirbdaddy said...

The real uni's that is...

Cowbell Commander said...

Great minds think alike!


It's like putting lipstick on a pig.

insomniac said...

Thanks for the link. Once again my tireless pursuit for pics of passed out coeds has benefited others. I feel like I'm making a difference in the world.

Just curious- where did you find the pic on Conquest Chronicles? I somehow missed it. Thanks.

Dmarque said...

Change colors? So, what year did Michigan actually go from Maize and Blue to that embarrassing shade of Optic Yellow?

Grand Rapids