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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brady Quinn & Bobby Carpenter Quit NFL, Join Village People

Yesterday, pictures of former ND QB Brady Quinn and ex-Buck Bobby Carpenter at the wedding of Quinn's sister to A.J. "The Package" Hawk spread around the Internet like wildfire after the company that took the pix put them up on their website. Naturally, we here at the MZone would be remiss not to share these, uh, family memories with you.

In a related story, Quinn and Carpenter have been asked to join the Ohio State wrestling team.

Ed. Note: Yes, we know that's two Village People jokes in two posts. But sometimes these things just come in pairs.

(Thanks to all who sent us the tip. No, really, thank you!)


OnWisconsin! said...

HAWK!! What in the name of Vince Lombardi is going on around here!?!? EVERYBODY'S GRABBING! DOESN'T ANYBODY BLOCK ANYMORE!? IT'S JUST GRAB GRAB GRAB....

Bob said...

Thats Bobby Carpenter not AJ Hawk

ohio_guy said...

correct on that being Carpenter

Schlegel, Mangold, Carpenter and Quinn were the groomsmen.

Yost said...

My bad. Thanks for the catch. Just updated the post.

Sam said...

I love to mock me some Brady, but that looks like a pretty fun wedding

GoBuxxxx said...

Looks like Brady Quinn could show scUM a thing or two about the weight room.