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Friday, June 01, 2007

Bent-Over Buckettes: The Sequel

What is it with Tosu girls who like to take some of their clothing off, scrawl anti-Michigan stuff on themselves then pose for the camera?

Last year, we brought you this post showing the only "Fuck Michigan" picture we approve of here at the MZone...

Now comes the photo below...

Please know, we don't really mind that the girls are doing it. We're just curious as to why it seems to be so popular on the Tosu campus.

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled blog for another edition of Yost's Fantasy...


Amber: Come in, it's open.

A beautiful brunette enters.

Amber: Hi, Debbie.

Suddenly, Debbie drops her pants exposing her perfectly-shaped ass.

Debbie: I was wondering if you'd write "Fuck Michigan" on my tight, 21 year old buttocks with a Sharpie, one word on each cheek.

In response, Amber rips off her top revealing her firm breasts.

Amber: Only if you'll write "Ann Arbor is a Whore" on my supple cleavage before kissing me gently.

Okay, maybe that's not exactly what happens but I hope pray imagine it's pretty close to the way it works there in Columbus.

Oh, and if any other Buckettes want to strip and write anti-MZone stuff on their semi-naked bodies, we'll suck it up and post those pictures too if you send them our way.


(Picture HT: DW via LWS)


Out of Conference said...

Why is it that the trashy set of girls can only manage "Michigan Sucks", but the more prim & proper ladies nut up and put the "F*** Michigan" on themselves.

Things that make you go, "Hmmm".

And yes Yost, that was the exact same fantasy I had.

zen wizard said...

This practice just makes somebody from Michigan want to get in the "end zone" even more!

Sundawg said...

You guys are lucky; our local rival is Georgia Teck. Have you seen their women? They make the women used in the parodies of Russian Olympians look like Victoria's Secret models.

Josey_Wales said...

Great scoop M-Zone.

Breaking news from... 2005.

ohio_guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Newspaper Hack said...

Yeah, not only is that picture old, but I put up a post with it a while back. I've gone on the record that LWS is as lame as East Tennessee, and this just confirms it, again. I just find it sad that people actually read that festering turd of a site, which frequently is a day or two behind everyone else.

Out of Conference said...

Damn Hack - do you really hate UT that bad, or just love Bama that much?!? Don't sugar coat it for us. Yeah, I hate UT as well.