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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beer Bong Friday

Fire + Beer Bongs =...


Da Braylon said...

I would bet a bajillion dollars that those are OSU fans.

Out of Conference said...

You have to believe this came out of Southeast Ohio!

Or from SEC land, but the music doesn't quite fit the South. I could be wrong.

Da Braylon said...

Troy Smith was probably the one filming this whole shabang.

Also, can the creator of this site please get rid of the "word verification?" What the fuck is the point of it?

Out of Conference said...

I'm guessing so Russian dick-enlarging pharmacists can't post too many ads with post-bots (Insert proper internet speak here).

El Pendejo Grande said...

Those are the academically and intellectually superior Stanford scholar athlete. Marginal Michigan student athletes lack the intelligence to understand the complex thermodynamic properties being tested.

"If you can put a plastic cup full of beer in a fire and the part of the cup with beer in it won't burn, the same result should obtain with a drunken frat boy swilling beer in a fire, right? QED, bitches!! Cardinal Ro0lz" -- Jim Harbaugh