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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Worst Recruiting Video Ever

If you read the site regularly, you're probably familiar with the clip of the sexy Ohio State Video Chick trying to, uh, convince her boyfriend (or some other lucky bastard) to go to Tosu. And I'm guessing she did a good job because, even as a Michigan man, after watching her "convince," I was reconsidering my dislike for the school. Hence the reason we call it the Best Recruiting Video Ever and it occupies a place of honor among our "Best of" posts on the left-hand side of the blog.

Well, we've found the flip side to that.

Behold the Worst Recruting Video Ever below. Shot by some OSU dude showing his scuzzy dorm room for two minutes, the poor guy all but admits that he never gets laid because he sleeps on the couch each night so his roommate can shack up with his girlfriend. Although, looking at the room, I would love to know what sort of woman would get naked in there. Sweet Jesus! She she be wearing biohazard gear.


ohio_guy said...

huh, so that's what the rest of the dorms look like. I live in the 24 story tower which is right next to the stadium. Our rooms are a lot differnt than that.

Oh, and what's funny is I just had a pizza an hour ago from the same place that that the pizza box in the video was from (Pizza at Drake)

Erik said...

He can fuck off and die, that's a million times nicer than my old room at Arizona State. Think the sleeping side, only with desks instead of closet space. And a door. That's the room.


Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott said...

In South Quad you can expect 3 people to share a 12' x 19' room. That's it. There's no "main room" and then a separate bedroom and the bathroom is down the hall, shared by absolutely everyone. Of course the shelving is much newer. None of this "mid 1930s stuff." South Quad was built in '51.

Out of Conference said...

This guy needs to wake the entrepreneur in him. He has a video camera, his roommate always has his girlfriend over- DUH! Plant the freaking camera, make money selling vids on the internet, and quite bitching about the sleeping arrangements because soon enough he might get to buy that house off campus.

TideInTx said...

And ten years now he will be sitting in his 12'x 12' cube thinking "Damn I miss my college days".

Brandon said...

I don't feel sorry for him at all, my dorm rooms at Ball State were only a little bigger than his main room.

Zen Wizard said...

Um...dare I ask what that lime green cylindrical device on his roommate's bed is??

Kirbdaddy said...

The green dildo on the one bed just screams "Classy!"

Kyle said...

I echo the same as previous posters. My first dorm room was a little larger than his sleeping room (longer a little wider) and didn't have a private bath.

My current dorm room is even smaller, but I live by myself, but still no private bathroom and no living area.