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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A win is a win, right?

Texas A&M recorded its 10th victory of the 2006 season -- last Saturday.

Yes you read that correctly.

According to the Aggies' own website (shown below), the school counted the team's "Maroon & White" spring game as a victory for last season and even changed their overall record from 9-4 to 10-4 on the site...

Folks, this is the kind of stuff that gets a team absolutely raked over the coals by their rivals. Can you imagine what they're saying on the Texas Longhorn boards about this one? Man oh man, I bet it is ugly.

Now, as you can see here, the site has been "corrected" with the 9-4 record restored and the "Maroon & White" game returned to exhibition status. But the damage has been done. Me thinks Aggie fans are going to be hearing about this for a long time.

In a related story, there is no truth to the rumor out of East Lansing that fired Spartan head coach John L. Smith is attempting to have the winning NCAA 2008 Xbox scores of some of his former players counted toward last season in an attempt to regain his job.

ED. NOTE: We actually got the tip about the story above from a reader late Tuesday night. But, since we had already put up Wednesday's posts (and it was past my bedtime), I decided to save it for today, Thursday. Unfortunately, running a blog like a newspaper sometimes leaves one behind the proverbial 8-ball as the story was picked up yesterday by such sites as EDSBS. However, it was so damn funny, we decided to run it today anyway while cursing our laziness (and jobs that make it hard for midday blogging updates).

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